Essay On Car Culture

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Car Culture; Modifications and Customizations

Roughly ninety percent of Americans today own one or more cars. But what happens when the need to buy a new muffler or headlight appears and suddenly it is a crime to purchase anything else other that what is offered by the car company at an extremely inflated price? That may be the future for car owners everywhere if restrictions on aftermarket parts grows anymore.
Buying, owning, and driving a car has probably been high up on a list of accomplishments since being just a teenager. For most, the love of their car usually ends after a new carwash or oil change. But for millions of others, the love of cars goes much further. Whether it be for style, popularity, or functionality, a car culture
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The same can be said for the engineering of motor vehicles. From the simple A to B cars that last forever to land-speed record breaking rocket cars. Trying to limit vehicle engineering is like trying to limit the most basic of human abilities. The only thing that comes from restriction is further innovation. Todd Griffith from blog.cargurus quotes a few car manufactures “The decision to employ access controls to hinder unauthorized “tinkering” with these vital computer programs is necessary in order to protect the safety and security of drivers and passengers and to reduce the level of non-compliance with regulatory standards.” (Griffith, Page …show more content…
Just because someone wishes to make a little bit more power down in lower gears or you want something that feels like a racecar feels like, does not automatically mean you’re going to misuse that power. Sure, the temptation to go fast on the highway and pass other cars just because you can is always present. Although, that temptation is there for every other motorist as well. Owning or creating your own fast car does not mean you are or should go race it where it is illegal to do so. People who intend to speed and endanger others will do so with or without a fast

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