Theme Of Friendship In Freak The Mighty Rodman Philbrick

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From the past, my family has to live in the countryside in an old house. Our family life keep staying the same and one day have changed by my mother. She has done something and makes my family get better from the poor life. She changed my life for the poor life to a new life and now I can speak English, I can do everything from that I never have done before. Because of her my life have changed and get better from the past. In this novel, Freak the Mighty Rodman Philbrick uses the literary devices of characterization and dialogue to reveal the theme of the importance of friendship.

One literary device Rodman Philbrick uses the reveal the theme of the importance of friendship
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In this story when Freak ride Max shoulders and use his feet strike Max shoulder to force direction where he going, he state “So out we go. It’s a habit by now, Freak is riding up high on my shoulders, and using his little feet to steer me if I forget where we’re going”(48). This shows that Max helps Freak walk by Freak sit on Max’s shoulders and before they are not friend they never go anywhere, but now they are Freak the Mighty they go anywhere together and they help each other. In the story when Freak can not breath and then Max run to get nurse for help Freak. Then the nurse come and call tell someone to call an ambulance, he …show more content…
I see you! I see you! Daddy, please stop, you’re killing her!’

He just twitches me away. He’s made of iron and steel, he’s gritting his teeth and squeezing her neck. You can see the whites of her eyes, and she’s not even trying to get away anymore.

I try to get between them and I 'm going, “I saw you kill her! I saw you kill mom! I never forgot, not ever! I know you did it! I know!’”(128)

This also shows that Max’s try to help Loretta from his dad by telling the secret that his dad never knows. Max’s dad never know that Max’s know he kill his mother and when he tells his dad, his dad stop attack Loretta and then Max’s dad let Roletta goes.

Another literary device Rodman Philbrick uses to reveal the theme of the importance of friendship is dialogue. In the story when Freak tells Max to write all adventures that they have had in the book, he state

“‘ Don’t get me upset,’ he warns. ‘I won’t have the time, so you’ll have to do it. Just write it all down like you’re talking. Put in all the fun we had, the cool things we did. Our adventures.’

‘ But you know I can’t write, Kevin.’

‘It’s all in your head, Max, everything you can remember. Just tell the story of Freak the Mighty, no big

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