Flight 93 Short Story

Lizzy Hernandez
“Flight 93 boarding soon,” I hear over the speaker. “Great my moms calling again, she 's trying to stop me but it isn 't going to work,” I said to myself.
“ Hello. Yes mother. Yeah I know. Okay mom, look I really don 't care what you think. I’m an adult now. Yes yes i’ll be fine, okay whatever mom. Good bye.”
I 'm 18 years old she can 't keep telling me what to do if I want to go see my friends I sure can. It 's her fault anyway for making us move. Whatever it doesn 't even matter. I 'm here now and she cant stop me. Let 's go.
“ Do you have your ticket?” said the man at the door.
“Oh sorry, here it is,” I said. God my heart is beating so fast. Why, why amanda calm down. “Have a good flight. Ms.Amanda,” He said.
Maybe I
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“ Either one,” I said.
“ Well nice too meet you Amanda,” Said Aaron. “ So why are you flying today?” I said to Aaron trying to make small talk it 's going to be a long flight anyway.
“ I’m actually going to see my girlfriend. It 's our three year anniversary today. And today I want to surprise her and ask if she 'll marry me. She 's working right now. She works in one of the twin towers,” Said Aaron.
“Oh my gosh thats amazing, thats so sweet. I hope it all goes well,” I said. “Yea i 'm really excited she 's actually getting a job transfer so after I ask her I’m hoping we 'll both move out to her new job together,” Said Aaron.
“I bet you will it seems that you really love her,” I said
“I do, well enough about me. What 's the reason for you wanting to go to New York?” Said Aaron “ Mostly for my friends. My mom made us move so I never get to see them anymore,” I said. “Well she probably had a good reason. And mostly for you friends? What 's the other half want?” Said Aaron. “ The other reason is because I really miss my dad and I want to see him,” I said.
“ Yea i get what that 's is like,” said

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