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  • Exit Through The Gift Shop Film Review

    Film Review - Exit Through The Gift Shop Exit Through the Gift Shop is a documentary about the emergent and exploitation of the street art genre directed by the reclusive street-art graffiti legend, also known as Banksy. The film came about when the world famous graffiti artist was approached by an eccentric French shop keeper, Thierry Guetta, who records his entire life with a video camera in order to capture the memory out of apparent relevance to the impromptu death of his mother when he…

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  • Ibn Battut The Man Who Walked Across The World

    belief in one’s fate. The documentary shows how restless the place is, and somehow it reflects that Ibn Battuta would actually leave that place to explore deeper paths of his own journey. After Tangier, Ibn Battuta goes to Alexandria then to outer parts of the city to meet a holy man named Murshidi, who is kind of a seer, that prophesizes the future. Alexandria portrayed as a maiden in the writing of Ibn Battuta, seems to be quite different in Mackintosh – Smith’s documentary which is now also…

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  • Hayo Miyazaki Flying Sequence Analysis

    on the music on these plots, explores the function of music and makes a conclusion. The Particularity of Flying Sequences Flying plots in these 8 films could be divided into two types according to the contents. The one is documentary, another one is non-documentary. Documentary plots exist in the Wind Rises and Porco Rosso. The leading role of the Wind Rises is a boy who is crazy about flying and wants to become an aircraft constructor, while the main character of Porco Rosso is Porco, a…

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  • Summary Of Project Nim And The Paw Project

    Animal abuse and cruelty is almost always a fiery topic to bring up. The documentaries Project Nim and The Paw Project are very different in their approach to how best show animal treatment and what is best. The similarity is that both show and prove we cant just take creatures away from their innate lives. They are born to be and do what they do regardless if humans exist or not. Project Nim is the story of a chimpanzee that was taken from his mother days, if not hours after being born. He was…

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  • Sarah's Last 203 Days Reflection

    For this writing assignment, I chose to watch Sarah’s last 203 days. My reactions to the documentary was an emotional roller coaster ride. As I watched the process of Sarah slowly dying before my eyes, I felt as though I was there experiencing it with her daughter, friends, and family, there were several times that I paused the film so I may recollect my thoughts and emotions so I may continue on watching. By the end of the film, I felt a sense of release and happiness for Sarah, throughout the…

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  • Exit Through The Gift Shop By Banksy: The Story Of Street Art

    artist, released a documentary called Exit Through the Gift Shop. This film features the story of Theirry Guetta, a French immigrant who has an obsession with capturing every event in his life that ultimately leads him to developing his identity as Mr. Brainwash. His original intent was to create a documentary about street art but we soon find that the documentary begins to focus on Guettas introduction and journey into the street art world. Ultimately we see this documentary expose Guetta’s art…

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  • Narrative In Wildlife Program: The Crocodile Hunter

    favourite wildlife explorer - Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. Growing up, I had always love watching animal documentaries,…

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  • Wetbacks Illegal Immigrants Analysis

    explain why an event occurs while looking at patterns and reoccurring factors, and predict what will happen in the future. Such can be explained with the behaviors of the illegal immigrants moving through the United States and Canada. As seen in the documentary, Wetbacks, it was not the first time that many of these people had tried illegally crossing the Mexican border. For many of these people, they had been on their second, third, or maybe fourth attempt to illegally cross into the United…

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  • Kazuhiko Yamauchi's Successful Campaign

    The documentary Campaign presents the audience with an alluring perspective on democracy in Japan. The documentary centers on one man’s rise to local governance, backed by the Liberal Democratic party. Kazuhiko Yamauchi successful campaign illustrates distinctive attributes, that ultimately wins Yamauchi the election. Yamauchi following the conventions of a Japanese campaign is paramount. Adhering to traditional campaign conventions, gave Kazuhiko Yamauchi the most favorable outcome in the…

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  • What Is Caste Discrimination?

    exemplified by the documentary by Stalin K regarding caste discrimination in India (Kurup, 2007). According to Dalit Solidarity Network DSN (n.d. Par. 2), a caste system is a divisionary social and economic system whereby rights are accorded by birth and hereditary. As such, it is a never ending cycle in which the underprivileged are condemned to a life of suffering even…

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