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  • Methods Of Dating Essay

    Scientists and anthropologists work together to date objects found in their archeological digging, many being millions of years old. Various methods of dating are available, depending on what they are trying to date. In this essay, the techniques of dating objects will be explored and compared. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but all extremely complex and scientific, each with its own purpose. The methods that will be discussed will be Radio Carbon Dating, Relative Dating, Absolute Dating, Remote Sensing, and Dendrochronolgy. Radio Carbon Dating is one of the ways scientists use to date objects, like bones. In the video, Radio Carbon Dating, the narrator, Mr. Anderson explains the way that scientists perform this dating. Simply put, there are three types of Carbon Dioxides in our air or atmosphere: Carbon 12, Carbon 13, and Carbon 14. Carbon 12 and Carbon 13 are carbons that will not change, they remain stable in the atmosphere. However, Carbon 14 will decay over time giving off beta particles. All plants will absorb carbon and produce sugar by a process of photosynthesis. The sugar can either be used by the plant to build itself or burned off through respiration. The sugar used by the plants subsequently ends up in our food sources since we grow plants for food. As long as we are living, we will eat foods containing sugar. This is how Carbon 14 ends up in our bodies and bones. The ratio of Carbon 14 in the atmosphere will always be the equal to what is…

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  • Summary: The Saga Of Erik The Red Greenland

    because it is unfazed by chemical, temperature, and physical changes so the timing will be correct no matter what. Another form of dating is using soil, sediment, or peat build-up. Since the build-up of these materials occurs in chronological order if undisturbed, it can show a timeline of objects and events. It can also show environmental events like fires to give an idea of what the climate might have been like and if there were any significant weather events. To get a better picture of what…

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  • Mary Goose Case Study

    The analysis of the strata below the grave and the extraction of any datable artifacts is not possible with out greatly disturbing the cemetery. No logs or timbers are used in the grave except for possibly the coffin to which we do not have access, so dendrochronology can not be used. Radiocarbon dating requires an organic sample which, again, is not available and this absolute dating process is not effective for dates less than 400 years ago. Potassium-argon dating, which is used to date…

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  • Uluburun Shipwreck Report

    was familiar with that was called Wikipedia! I got a lot of facts and I found out pretty much right away that the Uluburun was the first recorded shipwreck in the history of shipwrecks! There was a lot of other stuff too! I got the majority of The Research done with Wikipedia. It doesn't mean you should use wiki for everything. Anyways, that is how I got my info! On to the info. The Uluburun shipwreck was found in 1982, In the Mediterranean sea. It dates back to the 14th century b.c.e. The…

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  • Primate Observation

    experience. By applying this to real context and present nonhuman primates and combines the core class material will give you a new view upon not just class material but in life and other forms of life. Understanding that you as a homo sapiens have similar bone structure to nonhuman primates, even primates as large as gorillas and understanding primatology involving primate languages gives more understanding to the different cultures. Such as we have multitudes of languages so do monkeys; each…

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  • Archaeology Study In Human History

    Varves are sediment (aka: soil) layers that can be dated. At the Vore site, the varves were extremely well preserved and occurred in couplets so that they could date every summer and winter to find when the most hunting was occurring. Geology allows the archaeological record to be accessible to us and using geological knowledge can help us better understand our human past. Another essential to archaeology is the ability to look at biology and zoology within an archaeological context. We humans…

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  • The Disappearance Of Mesa Verde

    region, this strained the agricultural capacity of the landscape, which led to starvation and violent conflicts. To test this hypothesis, archaeologists compiled a database of 18,000 prehistoric sites to trace population over time. Their computer system proposes that the Anasazi started leaving about fifteen years before the drought hit when population was at its height. This research helps to blame the movement of the Anasazi on other factors besides drought, and shows people leaving when…

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  • Archeological Investigations

    projectile points, stone tools, and textiles/basketry. They are analyzed by shape, color, weight, texture size and special qualities, and researchers study and hypothesis what the item might have been used for, what common culture might have used the item, and the timeframe that it might have been used in. Ecofacts are classified as organic material that pertains to human behavior; and include: human or animal remains, human or animal feces, plant remain, charcoal, and shellfish. They are…

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