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  • Democide: Genocide And Mass Murder Since 1900

    Democide; Redefined I remember back to my younger days of history class, learning about ancient civilizations, kings, wars, and revolution. I learned about all of the genocides, massacres, and human slaughtering of many innocent people, with man always on a conquest for more land and power. This mass murdering has continued up until this very day, and is far more common than any type of war or revolution. But from I was told, history is recorded so in the future, we won’t repeat it. According to “Statistics of Democide: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900”, throughout the 20th century, almost 170 (possibly 360) million people have been murdered by their governments. These deaths approximate to almost four times those from civil and international…

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  • Mental Health Safety Research Paper

    Physical safety and mental health have been common issues work places have come across and tried to deal with. In a number of ways, they have been able to diminish the amount of preventable injury through stricter training and regulation methods as well as imposing work-safe programs which give benefits for years gone by accident free. School systems offer security measures and rule based regulations to create safer learning environments for their students and staff. Mental health programs have…

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  • Ethnic Cleansing Holocaust

    Ethnic cleansing can take action through deportation, sterilization, and ultimately mass murders. The Holocaust performed by German Nazi’s, is considered to be one of the largest genocides to take place in the world. Due to the six million people murdered under the ruling of a government leader, Adolf Hitler, the Holocaust is considered both genocide and a democide. The Holocaust falls into par with scientist R. J. Rummel’s concept of democide. Scientist R. J. Rummel graphically constructed the…

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  • Ethnic Cleanse And The Underlying Causes Of The Holocaust

    cleansing can be done through deportation, displacement and mass killings. The Holocaust was an ethnic cleansing act because the leader, Adolf Hitler was an anti-semite. Therefore, Hitler wanted to “get rid” of the Jewish people. The Jewish people were displaced and deported to concentration camps, without consent. When Jewish people arrived to concentration camps, they were dehumanized and everything was taken away from them. Hitler made Jewish people feel worthless and then, would work people…

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  • The Eight Stages Of Genocide In Bosnia

    “We won’t waste our bullets on them. They have no roof. There is sun and rain, cold nights, and beatings two times a day. We give them no food and no water. They will starve like animals.” This quote is from a Serbian soldier speaking about the plans against the Bosnian Muslim captives he guarded (Yancey). To begin, “genocide” is seen differently by everyone involved and has specific steps. In Bosnia, conflicting views created tension amongst its citizens The eight stages of genocide…

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  • The Importance Of Government In The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

    In “The Lottery,” by Shirley Jackson, the town no longer enforces laws; in fact the village has no apparent governmental structure to restrain its murderous tradition. It seems as though the government relies heavily on tradition as a tool to achieve order instead of law and elected local government. The village appears to be normal besides its lack of a municipality. The country’s government has also become suspiciously absent from the affairs of its town. With the apparent bloodlust of the…

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  • The Power Of Gun Control In The United States

    Sandy Hook, the president made a statement in January of 2013 that they were in the process of passing a ban that would ban one hundred and fifty eight guns along with a few dozen accessories for the guns. The gun and ammo business had just become filthy rich. People were hoarding guns by the dozens and ammo rounds by the thousands. Today, the scare on guns, ammo, and reloading supplies has died down. More guns are showing up on the walls, ammo, and reloading supplies are back on the selves, but…

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  • Essay On Wikileaks

    organization that allows whistleblowers to publish “…suppressed documents of diplomatic, ethical, historical or moral significance that reveal illegal or immoral behavior,” (Wikileaks); is being silenced by the media from exposing the Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. The media is helping cover up the truth because of special interests. Wikileaks has released the deleted Hillary emails, DNC emails, and John Podesta (Hillary’s Chairman of the her presidential campaign) emails,…

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