Ethnic Cleanse And The Underlying Causes Of The Holocaust

I. Before: Analysis of Roots Causes: The underlying causes that led up to the Holocaust were antisemitism, socio- economic conditions, Aryan-racism, scapegoating, imperialism and a power-grab.
The first anti-semitic act, was after Jesus was put to death by the Roman authorities. However, the gospel accounts were interpreted as blaming all Jewish people for the crucifixion of Christ. After the crucifixion, Roman armies destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem. Jewish people were exiled. They were looked at as agents of the devil and murderers of God. Jewish people were being dehumanized. For example, Jewish people were restricted from owning land and having occupations because of state and church laws. In the 1900s, another lie was presented about
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Ethnic cleansing can be done through deportation, displacement and mass killings. The Holocaust was an ethnic cleansing act because the leader, Adolf Hitler was an anti-semite. Therefore, Hitler wanted to “get rid” of the Jewish people. The Jewish people were displaced and deported to concentration camps, without consent. When Jewish people arrived to concentration camps, they were dehumanized and everything was taken away from them. Hitler made Jewish people feel worthless and then, would work people until their death.
Rummel’s concept of “democide is any murder by government or by officials acting under the authority of government” (Rummel, 2001). The Holocaust would also be considered a democide because the government was leading the operation with the police, military forces and civil servants. They collaborated with the anti-semitic work because their dictator, Hitler, told them to. Even though the Holocaust was a genocide, the Holocaust was also a democide because government officials murdered millions of
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Even though the Holocaust was a tragic event, future generations need to learn about genocides, for it cannot happen again. Current Holocaust survivors stress the importance of explaining and retelling the story. For younger students such as kindergarten through 2nd grade, it will be a difficult topic to discuss. However, I will teach the core values from the Holocaust such as to be respect, responsible, culturally responsive citizens. I will also teacher students to be resistant, and to stand up for what they believe is right. Older students, 3rd grade and above, should know and understand the basics of the Holocaust. Even though this is an uncomfortable topic, the story has to be

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