The Importance Of Genocide In The Holocaust

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Genocide in the holocaust was made possible by the fact that the Nazis created a set mind set in people 's heads that they are superior compared to the Jews, disabled, gay and other minorities at the time.

During the holocaust the Nazis were focused on separating the Jews from the non Jews. Nazis created a mindset in non Jew children in germany that they are superior than that of the Jew children to eliminate the Jews as seen in the book parallel journeys. “No German boy can ever be true friends with a Jew boy. No matter how nice he seems, he 'll grow up to be your enemy.” as stated by Herr Becker in parallel journeys. This shows that the hatred for the Jew race was so significant and strong that Hitler 's ideas and messages were taught
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soon minors began to take over Germany becoming Nazi Youth and having more power than any adult like Alfon Heck in parallel Journeys. “Its power increased each year. soon, even our parents became afraid of us. never in history of the world has such power been wielded by teenagers.” This quote from parallel journeys suggest that the Nazi youth was a big army of teenagers who Hitler gave so much power to that they ruled right above the Nazi soldiers. They were all confident in Hitler 's words and ideas no matter what their parents suggested or claimed. The German minors did anything for Hitler; Marching in harmony and uniform while raising a hand to Hitler every time he stood tall in a parade. “Certainly the young people did not care. They felt proud and privileged to serve the fatherland. Out of ashes of discouragement and poverty, Adolf Hitler had molded a generation of healthy, happy, physically fit, and fiercely loyal young Germans.” Alfon asserted in parallel journeys that young minors didn 't care about their actions or the harm done to others because they strived to the loyalty of Adolf Hitler. Germany was full of young Germans who believed what Hitler believed and did what was told because of the influences from others around them and the positive end result that they thought their loyalty would create for Germany’s …show more content…
Hitler promised everyone that he would take Germany out of poverty and make life better for the “master race.” “ in growing numbers, people were now listening to Hitler 's ideas. he promised them a way out of poverty. he promised to restore pride in themselves and in their country. And- perhaps most important- he gave someone to blame for Germany 's trouble.” (Chapter 1, Pg. 4 of parallel journeys) Here Heck states that everyone became under Hitler 's influence because of the things he promised that no one else was. Because of these statements, everyone looked up to Hitler and followed him with every word he spoke because he had such a powerful and convincing voice. Although Hitler claimed these promises he had a bigger intention. Hitler wanted to take over every near country and city while also destroying the Jew race. “ We wholeheartedly approved of Jew labor. But the incredible, unbelievable order to destroy an entire race was kept secret from the German people. Hitler accomplished this by threatening those leaders who did know about it with death if they told.” (Chapter 7; Pg. 54-55 of parallel journeys) This concludes that Hitler kept his main intentions and thoughts from the public because he knew that they were wrong and hed lose a big chunk of his following. Hitler knew exactly what he wanted to do with his power and, although, it might have not been like

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