Why Did The Holocaust Happen

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What is the Holocaust?
The Holocaust, which originates from the ancient Greek language, means "sacrifice by fire". The Holocaust was Nazi Germany 's resolve during World War Two to eliminate Jews throughout all Europe. The Holocaust resulted in the death of 6 million Jews which was two-thirds of the European Jewish population before the second World War.
Why did the Holocaust happen?
The Holocaust was part of Nazi Germany 's final solution program which was based on antisemitism. Nazi Germany believed that the Jews were racially stained, which prevented Nazi Germany from fulfilling the goal of a "racially pure" Germany consisting of Aryans. The discrimination of Jews started with the Nuremberg Laws which made the Nazi racial ideology known
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Certain refusals included not performing the Nazi salute, refusing to participate in politics and joining party organizations, refusing to salute the Nazi flag, and refusing to join the military. Their decisions were a conscious matter and led to Witnesses being forced to either renounce their faith or undergo persecution. Active witnesses who refused to renounce their faith were sometimes sent to concentration camps. About 1,400 Jehovah 's Witnesses died at these camps. Missionary workers were often arrested, lost their jobs, or lost work benefits. Witnesses who were children often faced ridicule from classmates and were sometimes shunned, expelled, or beaten by classmates. Witnesses did continue to meet while in labor camps and upheld their faith. Certain things that witnesses did other religious group did also, but their refusal to support the Nazi regime or bear arms led to their persecution.
A group of Jehovah 's Witnesses in camp uniforms after liberation
The Persecution of Homosexuals
Homosexuals were persecuted during the Holocaust due to them being seem as unsuitable and too weak to be German soldiers. Homosexuals were also thought of as people who would likely not reproduce to help with the growth of the Aryan race which led to them sometimes being castrated. Homosexuals were sent to regular prisons and concentration camps if they refused to give up their lifestyle. Homosexuals were known as one of the most abused groups in concentration camps and around 5,000 to 15,000 died in concentration camps.
Homosexuals at roll call
The Persecution of Political Dissidents and

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