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  • Wendy In Neverland

    Peter questions Wendy: “Feelings?” (Hogan). Wendy replies to him, “What you feel: Happiness? Sadness? Jealousy?” (Hogan). Here, Peter associates particular emotions with certain people. Jealously and anger – he associates with Tinker Bell and Hook, respectively – are not things that Peter himself experiences, but rather has witnessed in others in Neverland. Then, Wendy questions him about love: Wendy: Love? Peter: Love? Wendy: Love. Peter: I have never heard of it. Wendy: I think you have, Peter. I daresay you’ve felt it yourself. For something, or someone… Peter: Never. Even the sound of it offends me. (Hogan) After this line, Wendy attempts to touch Peter, but the very idea of love and emotion – which from his reaction is knows what love is – pulls away from her becomes increasingly upset. His rules and life are being questioned: Peter: Why do you spoil everything? We have fun don’t we? I taught you to fight and to fly, what more could there be? Wendy: There is so much more! Peter: What – What else is there? Wendy: I don’t know. I think it becomes clearer when you grow up. Peter: Well I will not grow up. You cannot make me. I’ll banish you like Tinker Bell. Wendy: I will not be banished! Peter: Then go home. Go home and grow up! And take your feelings with you! (Hogan) He dismisses her feelings and his own as if they do not exist, othering her from not…

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  • Walt Disney Informative Speech

    Darling know the feeling all to well. Watching Peter Pan as a child, one found oneself relating to Peter Pan and Wendy. One knew one was not alone, and there were others that didn't want to grow up either. Being a child is fun and amazing, who would want to grow up anyway? With Peter Pan and Wendy it's always an adventure. They're always teasing one another, playing around, having fun, laughing, and most importantly, flying. Peter Pan and Wendy don't worry about the future, they only focus on…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Was Just Playing My Thursday Golf Tournament

    I was just playing my Thursday golf tournament, when Molly the mole arrived, totally exhausted. "You have to come right away, Oliver!" she said breathlessly. But I wanted to finish my game. What could be so important? "You have to see for yourself. It's very exciting!" Well, I was going to lose the game anyway, so I had a good excuse to stop early. After we left the golf course, Molly explained that, while digging a new tunnel, she suddenly had broken through a wall and had fallen into a…

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  • Movie Review: Tinker, Soldier, Spy

    Going into this movie, most of what I heard was that I wouldn’t like it. This prepared me to focus on following what was going on, leading me to enjoy the movie more than I otherwise would have. Because Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is so complicated, it pushes many viewers away. But the complicated paths of the plot and the characters in this movie simulate trying to find and follow a real spy, which takes a kind of focus many viewers aren’t prepared for while watching a movie. However, being a…

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  • Charlotte Malcolm: An Autobiography Of An Immigrant

    We remembered to stay close to the field so that we could hear the calls for water. The conversation was so intense we mistakenly walked further than regular. Next, I distinctly remember hearing loud ship like bells ringing. Around the plantation, bells ringing meant two things: runaway or fire. Abraham and I, heard the bells and looked at each other with fear. We quickly made our way back to the path to led us by the water stations. As we got closer, we heard dogs barking and seconds later we…

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  • The Death Of Beauty In Louise Bogan's Medusa

    with “Everything moved.” You break out of the surreal moment when the author creates the setting and admiring the area then all of a sudden you break out of your reverie when the poem continues with the words “Everything moved.” The natural order of plants moving and flowing to the wind. The feeling of things being normal with everything moving and no sooner does everything start, there is stillness again as the poem continues with “a bell hung ready to strike.” It is as though the bell is…

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  • Beep Research Paper

    had to practice, to get ready for our test on Thursday. For 45 minutes straight I work on the practical work and wait until the next period. Then the bell finally rang and I make my way to the stair to go to the first floor. Step by step I make my way down and walk to Mr. Charnley class for college algebra. I walk to the second role last seat and say “hello” to Mr. Charnley. Then a student and I start a conversation and talk until the bell. Finally we start and Mr. Charnley teach us how to graph…

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  • The Bells Poem Analysis

    Life in “The Bells” Can life can be dissected then labeled by “bells, bells, bells”? Poe’s famous poem, “The Bells” is a highly symbolic masterpiece, that perfectly illustrates Poe’s concepts of the stages of life, as well as his dark and pessimistic outlook, and descent into depression. Through his varyingly dark diction, symbolism relating to aspects of life, his specific layout of the poem, Poe elucidates his shifting attitude towards the sound of a ringing bell. In “ The Bells” a range of…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's All Quiet On The Western Front

    on March 5, 1770, when I was walking down King street with my friend Henry. As were walking past the Custom House a young wig maker's apprentice walked up to a British soldier and insulted him because he had not payed for a wig. Another British soldier had walked out and scolded the young boy for disrespecting a British soldier. The boy exchanged insults with the soldier so he pulled out his musket and struck the boy on the side of the head. A stream of chills rushed through my body when I…

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  • Shining Library Book Report

    The bell rang, again and I grabbed my stuff and went straight to the science room. We’re doing a lab on growing different kinds of plants and seeing how tall they get each day. My headache got worse every 5 minutes. At least that’s what it felt like. When there were ten minutes left of science I asked my teacher, Mrs. Bobby, if I could go down to the office and get some tylenol. She said I could but come right back. I went down and told the secretary and she said that I didn’t have a fever. She…

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