Descriptive Essay: Highschool Cast System

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Highschool Cast System
In highschool one would think that there would be simple diversity of friends, however the truth is much more complex than you’d think. To the naked eye of any typical “average” freshman, there are around three groups or so. In all actuality there are many sub-groups and branches of “friends” one must know about.
Walking in late to class, you open the creaking door and nervously twiddle your thumbs as you try and quietly let the door shut. Alas, it is to no avail. Their eyes are upon you, these eyes already picking you apart. Desperately you wait for the teacher to tell you to sit down, something to keep your mind off the groups already deciding if you were worthy or not. Finally you find your seat, and you have a chance to get a good look at those around you. Clean, sharp looking young men and women dot the seats surrounding yours. They pass notes and chat while the teacher droned on about the syllabus. They disrespect one another and some even pick on those “below” them. You can hear the new rap or pop songs coming from the phones
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You finally arrive and notice that this class had a peculiar trend. Almost half of them sported camouflage hoodies and boots of some variety or another. It doesn’t matter what you do or how you act, these people will never hand out disdain without proper cause. You sit down and survey the group, some look soft as if they had never worked a day in their life, yet still boast as if they were the Texas ranger himself. While others seemed rough around the edges, calloused hands and ripped clothes, they commanded a certain respect among their group. Not everyone was blessed with a life where everything was handed to them, and if you have the pleasure of talking to any one of them, you could be sure they would remind you. They are as tight as they come, and often stick together even if one drags them all into trouble with

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