Pediatric endocrinology

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  • Essay On Pediatric Endocrinologist Career

    Pediatric Endocrinologist are doctors who deal “with child growth, puberty, diabetes, or other disorders related to the hormones and the glands that produce them” (healthychildren).I would like to carry out in this line of work because my family has dealt with a lot of trouble with health due to Thyroid and hormonal problems, so I know what it feels like. It would just be a wonderful opportunity to be able to help people who have had these problems. Altogether, I will only need 14 years of education after I graduate high school. I plan to go to the Air Force, which will pay my medical school bills and my living situation while I’m in school. To become a pediatric endocrinologist, you have to have a certain number of degrees. Pediatric Endocrinologist Career Information states that: “The road to becoming a pediatric endocrinologist is a long one; you'll need to complete a four-year bachelor's degree, preferably in a field relevant to medicine, complete four years of medical school, three years of a pediatric residency, and three more years of training in a pediatric endocrinology fellowship. Common bachelor's degree programs that will help prepare you for a career as a pediatric endocrinologist include biology, chemistry, and pre-med. Typical undergraduate coursework in these programs includes organic chemistry, biochemistry,…

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  • Sex Differences

    Question #1 Diaz, Shanna., Borzoo, Farhang., (2009) Sex Differences in the Cannabinoid Modulation of Appetite, Body Temperature, and Neurotransmission at POMC Synapses. Neuroendocrinology, 89, 424-440 DOI: 10.1159/000191646. In this study conducted by Shanna Diaz et al., researchers were interested in determining whether sex differences exist for the cannabinoid modulation of appetite, body temperature, and neurotransmission at POMC synapses. The drugs that were used in this experiment were a…

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  • Functional Endocrinology

    things like chemical exposures, negative emotions, hormonal imbalances, and much more. Conventional endocrinologists may only address the tip of the iceberg. Functional endocrinologists address the rest. To put it simply, Functional Endocrinology is a specialized branch of functional medicine, which is a broad term used to describe this proactive, patient-centered wellness care system. As the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) states: [2] "Functional medicine is personalized medicine…

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  • Endocrine Disruptors Research Paper

    1. Research Question a. What is an Endocrine Disruptors, and how does it affect the normal function of the endocrine system? 2. Overview of Topic by the Book a. The endocrine system is responsible for controlling and organizing bodily functions. Hormones are first produced by the endocrine tissues, such as the testes, ovaries, adrenal, thyroid, pituitary, and pancreas. Once the hormone is produced, it is then secreted into the blood where it regulates the functions of organs in the body,…

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  • T. Berry Brazelton's Theory Of Child Development

    Brazelton is one theorist who came up with the theory Touchpoints. Brazelton has done years of research to prove his theory. In 1918 T. Berry Brazelton was born in Waco, Texas. Brazelton is known as a pediatrician and author, he graduated from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City, the year of 1943. A few years later, in 1945 Brazelton moved to Boston to serve his medical residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. T. Berry Brazelton was interested in child…

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  • My Interest In Medicine And The Joint Admission Medical Program

    of academic studies because I wanted to know as much as her one day. I am currently at the bottom of the mountain, climbing up by learning as much as I can, and attempting to reach the top and become a pediatric physician. During my sophomore year, I met someone who broadened my perspective on life. Diagnosed with Leukemia, my friend, classmate, and teammate battled strongly for three years and passed away. Seeing my colleague go through this adversity was sad for me, and it motivated me to find…

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  • Pediatrics Essay

    “They believe in magic, they play pretend, there is fairy dust in their IV bags” (Grey’s Anatomy-Arizona Robbins). Pediatrics is the branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases. It isn’t about doing your job and leaving. You also have to care and have patience. You have to be able to do your job and make the children feel safe and secure. Pediatrics is the branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases. There are many branches in pediatrics--such as, pediatric…

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  • My Personal And Personal Characteristics Of Being A Doctor

    Being a doctor has always been a dream of mine. I love the sciences and I also love helping people. More importantly, this can be because I can compare my characteristics and personality as similar to that of a doctor. These include being patient, confident, and knowledgeable. However other qualities that I admire the most of a doctor is being caring and compassionate. My drive for wanting to be a doctor comes from numerous experiences in my life. These experiences varied from me being the…

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  • Personal Position Paper

    of the information needed without being aggressive to their own personal beliefs. References Hockenberry, M. J., & Wilson, D. (2015). Wong 's Nursing Care of Infants and Children (10th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby/Elsevier. Horne, R. C., Hauck, F. R., & Moon, R. Y. (2015). Sudden infant death syndrome and advice for safe sleeping. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 350(8006), 29-32. doi:10.1136/bmj.h1989 Moon, R. Y. (2016, October). SIDS and Other Sleep-Related Infant Deaths: Expansion of…

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  • Elizabeth Blackwell Research Paper

    Elizabeth Blackwell was born to parents, Hannah Lane and Samuel Blackwell on February 3rd, of 1861 in Counterslip, England. Elizabeth is the third of nine children. When Elizabeth was eleven years old, she moved to the United States with her family that eventually settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. In Cincinnati, Elizabeth’s father worked as a sugar refiner and a socialist activist. Father, Samuel Blackwell, was a forward thinking man who raised all of his children with feminist ideals.…

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