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  • Pros And Cons Of Toll-Gating

    promised that if he got elected, he would not raise taxes. McGuinty also accused the Conservative government of hiding the true size of the provincial deficit. After the election, McGuinty professed to be appalled by the state of the provincial books. He said that the deficit was larger than the Conservatives had admitted, so he therefore had no option but to raise taxes. There is no doubt that McGuinty had a very good idea of the size of the deficit before he made the promise that he would not increase taxes. Another example of lying occurring during an election was in the 1993 federal election. Liberal leader Jean Chretien promised that if he was elected, he would repeal the goods and services tax. Chretien knew how important the GST was the federal government in its struggle to balance the budget, but he made the promise anyway. After winning the election, Chretien broke his promise as he left the GST alone. Lying in politics occurs frequently, as it still arises today with Justin Trudeau and the promises he made during his election. It is questioned if the politicians who lie in the election simply lie in the campaign or simply change their mind. Lying can be forgiven but there should be a good reason for not telling the truth. A good reason to lie in politics is to keep the public safe. Right or wrong, lying in politics will most likely never end as it is in the politician’s behaviour to do so.…

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  • Why Is Canada A Great Prime Minister

    Have you ever wondered why Canada is so great? Or why Canada has free healthcare, social security, or unemployment insurance? Well, the answer is because our great prime ministers. Canada has had several great prime ministers. Great prime ministers that Canada has had include William Lyon Mackenzie King, Lester B Pearson, and Pierre Trudeau. Canada has had several great prime ministers. Another great prime minister of Canada is Lester B Pearson. Lester B Pearson is a politician, statesman,…

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  • Theme Of Maistrie In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

    6 32) Where do changes in maistrie occur in The Wife of Bath's Tale, and what do these changes inmaistrie mean? Consider Arthur's giving maistrie to Guenevere, the rapist-knight's giving it to his hag-wife, and the hag-wife (in her beautiful form) returning it to the rapist-knight (perhaps immediatelyafter receiving it). The Exchange of Maistrie in The Wife of Bath’s Tale Within a modern marriage, there is a give and take relationship that allows for a successful relationship; both people have…

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  • Eleanor Of Aquitaine: The Epic Story Of King Arthur

    the lover apart (“Tristan & Isolde”). Another French influence on the story of King Arthur comes in the theme of Spirituality. The spirituality in King Arthur is apparent through the Christian themes throughout the story. In legend Guinevere represents Christianity. In the story of Guenevere and Lancelot, Guenevere represents a virtuous being, and Lancelot is the temptation. There story shows that virtue has temptation and that even the most holy people cave to temptation(“Round Table…

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  • Company History Of Levi's Strauss & Co.

    present is Levi’s Strauss & Co. This company is a clothing company who are well known for their blue jeans. Levi’s Strauss & Co. was founded in 1853 by Levi Strauss, when he arrived in San Francisco. Levi Strauss later partnered with Jacob Davis and together received a patent on the process of riveting pants by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on May 20. The two began making copper-riveted “waist overalls” in San Francisco and in 1873, the Blue Jean was born. Levi Strauss was born in Germany…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay: Chicago Food In India

    and feel amazing.” When shopping for new denim, Brigid Wahl Lee, Mississippi, women’s sales manager, U.S. wholesale at 7 For All Mankind, offers this dressing room strategy: Try on several different cuts of denim, but also three to four different washes of each cut. “This is the ideal way to find what suits you best,” she says. “Chances are, there will be more than one.” As for fit, Kate advises that the right pair should “hit at a comfortable spot at or below your natural waist and shouldn’t…

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  • Afraid Of Virginia Woolf Play Analysis

    events of the play transpire humorously, whether it 's through Honey constantly being sick, of George 's and Martha 's crude language. The given circumstance that was the most important in the production was society. The play takes place around the 1960 's, and likely, things were different than they are now; especially in the ways people acted. Nick and Honey almost act as a model of a typical young married couple of the time, they fit into society well. What makes society the most important…

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  • Denim Trends Essay

    Imagine Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing denim head to toe, thriving in a new trend at the American Music Awards. Exactly fifteen years ago these two stepped out in their bold, blue jeans. Denim trends have been altered and portrayed differently for years, yet the popularity and attraction of denim seems to always reappear. Whether celebrities or street style was the source of influence, denim continuously occurs in new and innovative ways. The most common denim trends for fall of…

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  • Personality In The Workplace

    looked right, and considering Singapore’s year round humidity; if I was going to perspire too much in my clothes. However, when I arrived in New York, getting dressed became a breeze. I noticed that I gravitated towards a standard “uniform” consisting of a T-shirt in white, black, or grey and a pair of jeans. In addition, I also realised that one, people in New York are almost always in black, and two; that no one really cares what you wear, or how you look. My question is what caused this…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Body Image

    the middle of the field and finally someone decided to pass me the ball. I was running so fast looking at the soccer ball from an angle. My body was running forward and my head was turned to my left side. I was so excited and nervous at the same time because I was going to reach my goal and prove them wrong. As I was running I was able to hear my feet slamming into the muddy grass. I was about one fourth away from the goal net, but I did not expect what was about to happen. The muddy soccer ball…

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