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  • The Pyncheons Character Analysis

    Ghosts, witches, and family curses aren’t subjects normally found in nineteenth-century romances. And yet, all are present in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s eerie second novel, The House of the Seven Gables. In it, Hawthorne introduces the Pyncheons, a self-righteous, greedy, and slothful people whose destructive hereditary traits arouse the revenge of the humble Maules. In turn, the Pyncheons blame the Maules’ revenge—and, particularly, the ancient curse of accused wizard Matthew Maule—for each misfortune in their life. But it was really their overbearing greed which caused the Pyncheons poverty, depression, and death—not the Maule curse, which was another result of these traits. Though Colonel Pyncheon, the earliest mentioned member of the Pyncheon family, established a wealth that should have left “future…

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  • Hex In Modern Paganism

    The word Hex is one that has permeated much of common literature and culture often being seen as a word that detonates an evil spell or some sort of curse upon the recipient. Curse and hex are two words that are frequently misused or confused together within the context of Paganism. However, after researching the word hex, I have found that a hex spell isn't necessarily a spell designed with evil intent. What a hex essentially is revolves around manipulation of somebody else's will. This…

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  • Violets Point Of View Analysis

    3 days later After days had passed a cult showed up and cursed me for killing one of their own. My father didn’t die until late that night before yesterday and it caused him to miss his meeting last night. The curse said that I wouldn’t ever age and I would have to be isolated because, if I touch anyone, they would die a horrid and brutal death within the next 24 hours. I will forever be nine years old. One year later Today, I mentioned to Nate I am immortal; that I will never again…

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  • The Haw Branch Plantation: A Short Story

    of their family. “The reason the men in this family don’t live to see thirty is because of your ancestor Gibson McConnaughey. He took this necklace from a slave who turned out to be a witch doctor in her tribe.” she said. “Is there any way to stop it?” said James. There is only one way to lift the curse a male descendent of Gibson must return the necklace to the witch. “but the witch is dead do you mean her descendent?” Abidemi at that moment interrupted “My sister is alive and well.” James…

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  • Creative Writing: Elie Wiesel's Night

    hair, a cloak on her back. Prince Adam had opened the door, head of the house, Cogsworth, had been asleep after all. The woman croaked of needing shelter, offering a rose in return. Prince Adam refused. “A rose? That's not even payment enough for sleeping in the shed,” he dismissed her harshly, “Now go,” he commanded. But the woman did not budge. Instead her face contorted in repulsiveness. “Your heart is unkind, unmoving, and unloving,” she said, her body starting to transform in a whirlwind…

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  • Brief Wondrous Life

    The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is the tragic story of the young Oscar de Leon. As the author Junot Diaz puts it, “Our hero was not one of those Dominican cats everybody’s always going on about---he wasn’t no home-run hitter or a fly bachatero, not a playboy with a million hots on his jock.”(Diaz 11). Poor Oscar was just a pawn in this play between good and evil, light and dark, the fuku and the zafa. Oscar’s entire identity was the product of his family’s curse, destined to live a short,…

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  • Practical Magic

    Movie Review: Practical Magic The story begins by involving a family that has had witches for 300 years and because of an ancient curse the husband’s will die with the signal of the death watch beetle serving as their advanced warning to avoid the heartbreak that comes with love. The film Practical Magic is based upon the book written by Alice Hoffman in 1995. The character Sally, played by Sandra Bullock, attempts to thwart the curse by casting a spell creating a man she feels does not exist,…

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  • Comparing Lady Of Shalott By Tennyson And Waterhouse

    understands that if she goes outside she will be cursed forever, but she becomes obsessed with the idea. This curse causes her to be doomed either way. She will be miserable locked in the tower, but will die if she leaves. While the painting does not offer as much detail as the poem, it still illustrates how nineteenth century women did not have a lot of freedoms. In Waterhouse’s painting the boat has chains attached to it, which shows she does not have much freedom. The chains represent how…

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  • Fate And Free Will In Sophocles 'Oedipus'

    fighting prophecy. In Sophocles’ play The Oedipus Cycle, he creates the dynamic character Oedipus showing that no one can run from prophecy. The beginning of the book consists of a prideful and heroic Oedipus. When Sophocles first introduces Oedipus the readers sees how his pride connects with his heroism. Sophocles shows this when Oedipus claims, “Poor children! You may be sure I know / All that you longed for in your coming here. / I know that you are deathly sick; and yet, / Sick as you…

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  • King Tut Curse

    Imagine being grown up in a cursed family. A family where everything good is about to happen and something goes wrong because of that curse. Sooner or later the curse’s effect gets stronger and stronger; for the family is gets worse and worse. The only way to get rid of it is by removing the curse and passing it down to another family. Curses are an expression of harm to come to another person (Guiley). Curses have been astronomically been bought and sold throughout centuries. Curses are an…

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