John Paul Jones

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  • John Paul Jones Accomplishments

    between the USS Bonhomme Richard and the HMS Serapis. John Paul Jones, who is revered as the “Father of the United States Navy” by many of today’s sailors, led this battle and used the maritime skills he developed over his impressive naval career to carry the Bonhomme Richard and its crew to victory. Based on John Paul Jones’ history and upbringing, it is easy to see how he developed into becoming the most renowned and influential naval officer in the history of the United States Navy. Prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, tensions between the colonies and Great Britain rose exponentially with time. In an effort to combat the debt encountered from the Seven Years War and maintain control of the…

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  • John Paul Jones Leadership Analysis

    This can be from learning from leaders from the past to leaders in the present. John Paul Jones is a leader that exemplifies what it means to be a leader. From when he is in a situation to when he is among his subordinates. But to understand how to become a leader much like John Paul Jones you must first look at what he did to become a leader himself. John Paul Jones was from a small village called Solway Firth, Scotland. He began his naval career at the age of thirteen while working as an…

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  • John Paul Jones Naval Hero

    John Paul Jones, Naval Hero Anna Harper Mountain View High School Abstract John Paul Jones was an American naval hero in the American Revolutionary war. He was most commonly known for his victory over British ships near the east coast of England. When the American Revolutionary war began, John Paul Jones went to Philadelphia and was recruited to be a lieutenant in the new Continental Navy (John Paul Jones.). In 1779 he became captain of the Bonhomme Richard. "I have not yet begun to…

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  • John Paul Jones: A True American Hero

    John Paul Jones Did you know that John Paul Jones was somewhat of a criminal in his early life, but later became a hero? John Paul Jones was born in Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, on July 6, 1747, and died in Paris, France, on July 18, 1792. In this paper you will learn about John Paul Jones’s childhood, how he played a big part in the American Revolution, and other facts about John Paul Jones. In this paragraph, John Paul Jones’s family and childhood will be revealed. Young John Paul…

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  • John Paul Jones As A Hero During The American Revolutionary War

    1775-1783, what it means to be a hero became clear. A hero wasn’t someone who was just nice; a hero was someone who is brave,confident, and strong. These people became heroes because of the magnificent things that they did for this country. Three heroes who helped America beat the British were: John Paul Jones, Nathan Hale, and Nancy Hart. John Paul Jones proved he was a brave hero from the night he led his crew through the brutal battle at sea. One night John Paul Jones was sailing along the…

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  • How Is Led Zeppelin Successful

    Led Zeppelin was a English Rock band formed in London in 1968. The group consisted of guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham. The band's heavy, guitar-driven sound is rooted in blues and psychedelic on their early albums. Their unique style drew from a wide variety of influences such as Blues, Rock and Roll, Soul, Rockabilly, Folk Ballad, and Jazz. The groups’ original name was Yardbirds which Jimmy Page joined. The band never…

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  • Led Zeppelin: A Lasting Impression On Music History

    Jimmy Page formed The Firm with former Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers, and John Paul Jones returned to producing ("The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum."). Jones release a soundtrack album named "Scream for Help" in 1986. The band has sporadically reunited several times since their disbanding. They performed together in 1985 at Live Aid, with Phil Collins and Tony Thompson on drums, and at Madison Square Garden for Atlantic Records' 40th-anniversary celebration in1988 with Bonham's son,…

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  • The Rain Song Analysis

    Song lyrics have always been more poetic than people tend to give credit, through their imaginative and emotional style of expressing the author’s intents yet allowing each listener to add their own experiences into the interpretation. Recorded in 1972 and released in 1973, Led Zeppelin’s “The Rain Song” displays the bands creative genius in producing a ballad that has stood the test of time. At the suggestion of Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, following a discussion with George Harrison…

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  • Personal Narrative: Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving 2014, my family from both sides gathered around the dining table at my nonnas house. Rachel my eldest sister stands up and slightly and safely taps her fork against the fine crystal glass. We all look up standing around the table built for 20. Huff her husband holds rachel 's hands as my niece and nephew both of her of 5 years had huge grins upon their small faces. ¨My family, i 'm so glad we could be together on this joyous holiday-¨ she continues with a tear. ¨ i would like to…

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  • Personal Narrative-Sacrifice Or Immigrant?

    It all started one morning I was getting up and going in the kitchen to get coffee. I heard a silent groan and I got scared. I went and checked what it was and I saw a man who looked like he got burnt. So I slowly went back in my room and woke up my husband Junior. When I woke him up he was confused on why I was so scared. That’s when he sat up and asked me what happened. I froze in a dead because I was too scared. Then I started stuttering because I was trying to explain it. “I I I saw a guy…

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