Led Zeppelin: A Lasting Impression On Music History

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Raine Baker
Sean Beachy
"Good Times, Bad Times"
Led Zeppelin is a name that transcends generations and has made a lasting impression on music history. After an unlikely formation from the ending of another band, they took the world by storm. The band faced triumphs and tribulations, before their sad and unwelcome end. Luckily for everyone else, they reunited time and time again to delight and wow the public. Led Zeppelin was instrumental in the late sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, and their songs have immortalized each member, the highest hopes a band could achieve.
The Yardbirds were incredibly popular in the mid-sixties and saw several members come and go such as Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, and a man named Jimmy Page,
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At the time, this was the highest sum paid to a new band. They began their first American tour, setting the precedent for their first album, the eponymous Led Zeppelin. Two months after its release, it reached the top ten on the pop charts. In 1969, the quartet toured constantly, and recorded their second album, Led Zeppelin II, while on the road. It was an instant hit and stayed at number one on the pop charts for seven weeks (Erlewine). Every album the group created after Led Zeppelin II went platinum, and five of their LPs reached number one on the charts. After touring constantly for two years, the band began alternating years to tour and limiting their appearances. Their tour in 1973 broke box office records that had previously been set by the Beatles. In 1974, Led Zeppelin established their own record label, which they named Swan Song. The debut release of that label, Graffiti, reached number one in 1975 and was the band's first double album set. Graffiti sold a jaw-dropping 4,000,000 copies. By 1975, they had become the most popular rock and roll group in the world ("Led Zeppelin …show more content…
Jimmy Page formed The Firm with former Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers, and John Paul Jones returned to producing ("The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum."). Jones release a soundtrack album named "Scream for Help" in 1986. The band has sporadically reunited several times since their disbanding. They performed together in 1985 at Live Aid, with Phil Collins and Tony Thompson on drums, and at Madison Square Garden for Atlantic Records' 40th-anniversary celebration in1988 with Bonham's son, Jason Bonham, manning the drums. They also performed together at Jason Bonham's wedding. In the fall of 1994, Page and Plant reunited to conspire in the No Quarter album, which was followed by a 1998 studio effort, Walking Into Clarksdale. Meanwhile, Jones was touring with Diamanda Gal and recorded The Sporting Life with them in 1994. In 1999, it was announced that Led Zeppelin was the third band in music history to achieve four or more diamond-certified albums ("Led Zeppelin Biography."). December 10th, 2007, Led Zeppelin reunited once again, with Jason Bonham taking up the drums once more, to London for a tribute performance for the deceased Atlantic Records founder, Ahmet Ertegun. They played a set of sixteen songs, opening with "Good Times, Bad Times," and closing with the famous "Kashmir." The performance was recorded and released to theaters in November of 2012. By 2000, Led Zeppelin placed only second to the Beatles in sales ("The

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