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Around the World with Nellie Bly
Women in journalism owe their career path to Nellie Bly. Bly was a famous journalist who traveled the world in 72 days, prompted social reforms and was the first women in her field.
She pioneered investigative journalism which is a branch of journalism. Investigative journalism is gathering many sources and going very in depth on a subject that is a current issue or to prompt social reform. Bly chose current social issues of her time and was able to get her sources to tell her what they really wanted to say. “And telling a tale: Her first-person chronicles, with their choice details, gave her work a you-are-there quality. Bly was also an adept interviewer. She knew how to use blunt, penetrating questions, charm,
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The mental health care system was corrupt by the caretakers treating the patients inhumanely and were thought of as not fit to be in society. “They weren't thought of as human, or worth considerate treatment at all. These institutions were just a convenient place to send people who could no longer be cared by their family or by the boarding houses and hospitals of the city. They were locked away so as not to disturb the happiness of the conscience of the “sane” (Winchester). People that often did not have severe mental problems were sent to these asylums because they were not thought of as normal. The nurses and workers at these institutions did not care about the well being of the people supposedly receiving treatment there.“The behavior of the nurses on watch come off as completely unprofessional and cruel in every way. They flirt with the doctors, they gossip about each other and they swear and deride one another and the patients at every opportunity” (Winchester). Bly reported physical abuse and unprofessionalism in the workplace. She prompted social reform by exposing corruption in the mental health care system and help create

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