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Integration and Engagement

Lifelong Learning at a Professional Level
Lifelong learning is continuous growth in gaining knowledge and skills that will help you to better understand your patients’ needs and to provide the best possible care for your patients. Lifelong learning will help a nurse to improve her critical thinking skills and increase her knowledge in current clinical treatments, procedures, practice, and understanding different cultures beliefs, behaviors, and though processes in providing care for her patients. Lifelong learning in cultural competency will help the nurse understand the different cultures, beliefs systems, and values. Cultural competency will also help the nurse recognize how different cultures communicate with verbal and physical cues to guide them in providing the best possible care for their patients.
Lifelong Learning at a Personal Level
Lifelong learning has improved my life by helping me to learn new skills which enabled me to acquire different jobs and
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I had noticed that a lot of the Hmong men and women wore a bracelets or anklets that were made from cloth and they were placed on so the person was unable to remove it without it being cut off. The men and women would become really upset and sometimes even combative when the officers would cut them off. I assumed they were important to them because maybe their children had made them, I was wrong in assuming that. My Hmong friend wears the same bracelet that the Hmong people were wearing when they came into jail. I asked my friend about the bracelets and she explained that the bracelet is worn to ward off the spirits that cause illness and that if it is removed without the person or family member’s permission, then if that person becomes sick after that, that the sickness was caused because the bracelet was

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