The Importance Of Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is extremely important, especially in the medical field. Lifelong learning is a process of seeking, retaining, and applying information learned, that will continue throughout our lives here on earth. As nurses, learning must continue so that we are able to maintain the knowledge we have but also be able to grow and learn new things because the environment that we work in, is forever changing and we must be able to change with it. We could only imagine how healthcare would be later on in the future if nurses and doctors only relied on the knowledge they obtained during nursing and medical school. Learning does not stop once school is over with, but it is continuous and required way beyond graduation. All nurses in a way are lifelong learnings because they have to deal with technology, which plays a huge role in healthcare. There are constantly new devices being made and brought to the medical facilities and nurses have no choice but to learn what the piece of equipment does and how to use it. If they don’t, then there could be significant damage or harm done to their patients, which could lead to serious problems that the nurse and the institution have to deal with. There are also new diseases and infections that come about so this also …show more content…
We have new advancements in technology used in the facilities that must learn how to operate. Hospitals are seeking or have already become magnet hospitals, which are requiring non RN and or BSN license holders to go back to school to receive it. Lifelong learning is a necessity not only for nurses but for protection of patients. Staying on top of whats going on and advancing our knowledge as nurses highly contributes to positive patient outcomes. If we don’t continue to learn, we not only lose the knowledge we have gained but we rob ourselves of opportunities that could be extremely

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