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  • Essay On Life Lifelong Learning

    reached adulthood, I am still utilizing lifelong learning skills in dealing my children and my grandchildren. I utilized lifetime learning with my own health problems, dealing with death, relationships, and improving myself. Personal Significant Moments My father was killed when I was sixteen and all through my life, he had stated that he was white, even though he was dark skinned and blue eyed. Even on his death certificate it states race white but appears to be of Native American decent. I have just recently started searching my father’s background and found out that he is Native American and is from the Cherokee tribe. I have learned that you must be able to provide documents that connect you to a direct ancestor listed on the Dawes Final Rolls of Citizens of the Cherokee Nation with a blood degree, if you do not have this it does not matter if you are full Cherokee or not, you will not be recognized by the Cherokee nation. I have just recently met some of my father’s family members that live on a reservation and have gotten to hear stories about the Cherokee Indians and learned some of their cultural beliefs. This has been learning experience for me. When I was younger a group of us went out dancing. In our group everyone was white except one person and he was black. When we got to the bar my friend who was black did not have a date so I asked him if he wanted to dance and he said he wanted to dance, but thought it’s probably not a good idea, but said I really…

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  • Bruce Dawe And Beach Burial Comparison

    Like movies, novels and music, poems are texts that people use to reflect on their lives and experiences. Poems can have an impact on peoples thinking, not only through the things they might say to their readers, but through the discussions that readers have with each other about poems. I agree with this statement and believe that it accurately describes how people can reflect on their lives after reading poems. In addition to this, I also believe that poems can also have an effect on…

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  • Native Americans In World War 1 Essay

    The history of American Indians is not well taught amongst the general population. For many, the extent of their knowledge consists of racist depictions of armed conflict between white colonists and Native people, such as the movie They Died With Their Boots On. This film glorifies Custer and demonizes the Indians as savage and stupid. Films like that one reflect how the history of Native people is understood as a history of war. However, most only consider it as war between Indians and…

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  • 'The Real Story Of Revere's Ride'

    The events that occur off of informational texts have been proven either by someone who experienced the particular event or received information from a trusted source. In The Real Story of Revere's Ride the author included the true event with facts. For example in the text it states “ After delivering his message, Revere was joined by a second rider, William Dawes, who had been sent on the errand by a different route. Deciding on their own to continue on to Concord, Massachusetts, where weapons…

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  • My Thanksgiving Day: My Experience Of A Thanksgiving Day

    The sweet pumpkin pie, the tart apple pie, and of course, the rich, chocolate ice-cream topped off the amazing meal. I glanced from face to face, privately thanking God for each family member. There were smiles everywhere, from my brother's mischievous grin, to my grandmother's heartwarming smile. I looked around the room at the decorations I had helped my mother put up. Pictures of pumpkins, still up from last Halloween, hung next to Christmas wreathes and holly. In the center of the…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Narrative Fiction

    mermaid. Like those beach mermaids you can sculpt out of sand around someone’s mostly buried body. Anyways, within a few seconds Zack and a few others from the group joined us. “Ready! Set! Push!” Zack yelled. In unison, we all pushed the giant snowball that was now the same height as my shoulders. At first it didn’t budge, but then it started to roll. Everyone else started to push even harder than they were before, so I pushed harder. I was using all the strength my scrawny arms had. Then out…

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  • The Autobiography Of Calvin Coolidge

    Calvin Coolidge once said, “Wealth comes from industry and from the hard experience of human toil… Both men and nations should live in accordance to their substance not only to productive industry but to the creation of the various forms of beauty and the pursuit of culture which give adornments to the art of life.” This statement shows the values of Calvin Coolidge in three ways. Calvin Coolidge explained in his book, the “Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge,” that he was hardworking, wise, and…

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  • Calvin Coolidge's Voting Equality Of Women

    Calvin Coolidge’s values were timeless, and beneficial to all people. He understood the importance of doing everything to the best of his abilities, he supported the voting equality of women, he enjoyed learning simply for learning’s sake, and he never believed that he was any worthier than the rest of America. These values would serve many modern politicians well, and are also constantly applicable in the regular life of myself and countless others. Calvin Coolidge went to school in order to…

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  • Instrumental Music Essay

    Music has been a continuously changing form of expression from as early as 1500 BC. Ranging from popular pop music of today all the way back to when operas and grand symphonies were stars of the music world, music has never stopped evolving and taking new routes. Throughout every country and area in the world, different influences and factors shape and impact how that style of music sounds and is produced. Every mind has a different take on these sounds, and there is no barrier as to what can…

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  • Magical Mystery Tour Analysis

    Magical mystery tour is an album by The Beatles that released in United Kingdom under Parlophone label, and united States under Capitol Records which distributed worldwide, with two different format, the album was released with a six song double EP in the UK and an 11 song album in the United States and elsewhere, Magical Mystery Tour happened to be the soundtrack to the film with the same title that was originally broadcasted by the BBC on December 1967. The loss of Brian Eipstein (Beatles…

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