Descriptive Essay: A Narrative Fiction

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I sat there, in the deep snow, drawing my sound map. My eyes were closed, using my every ounce of strength to listen for even the smallest sounds. The whispering trees melodic wind, the creaking ice which covered so much of the winding river that ran through the riparian area on my map. When I was done, I laid down, acknowledging nature 's picturesque sky and landscape. The beautiful baby blue sky enveloped me with it’s gentle appeal while the tops of Aspen trees forced it’s barren branches into it, pushing with force to grow higher, stronger, and to gain power. Suddenly, a loud whistle blew my peaceful state away like a light breeze directing gentle snowflakes. “Let’s get going!” Ben, my instructor, called. I dragged my body out of the …show more content…
Cool!” I called back. That is not what I thought you were doing, I thought. I pushed through the heavy snow, fighting to meet my friends. When I finally made it to them, their once palm sized snowball had grown to nearly the height of my waist.
“Ok, let’s get this thing to the edge and see if it explodes when it hits the bottom of the hill!” said Austin. We all pushed at once, but the gigantic snowball did not budge even a millimeter. Then he shouted, “Hey Zack, come help us! This thing is heavy and we can’t do it by ourselves!”
“Alright, hold on a second, “ Zack called back, he was half buried in snow. To be honest, I thought he was making a snow mermaid. Like those beach mermaids you can sculpt out of sand around someone’s mostly buried body. Anyways, within a few seconds Zack and a few others from the group joined us. “Ready! Set! Push!” Zack yelled. In unison, we all pushed the giant snowball that was now the same height as my shoulders. At first it didn’t budge, but then it started to roll. Everyone else started to push even harder than they were before, so I pushed harder. I was using all the strength my scrawny arms had. Then out of nowhere, I fell forward to the ground, face first. Getting back up, I could not see the snow boulder anymore. I brushed the snow off my face and looked down only to see the boulder of snow tumbling and bobbing its way farther down the hill. It reached the middle of the hill, on a slight platform, before it stopped. All disapointed that
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It’s not like any of us can reach it, and we can’t build another ramp either.” Bailey said.
“Why can’t we build the ramp bigger?” Anya asked.
Zack started, “That would take too much of our time. We are on a schedule.”
“And the angles wouldn’t work, not with this particular hill. “ I jumped in.
“You build it and roll it down the hill, same as you did before. I will be standing at the top of the ramp, so when it comes down the hill and up the ramp. I can pick it up and lift it the few feet to the top. “ Ben said. (He was around six feet and four inches tall.) Zack, Taylor, and Austin decided that they would also help Ben lift the head when he got a hold of it. We recreated this plan, exactly how Ben described.
“Wow!” exclaimed Anya. “Tell you what, that’s impressive!” said Austin.
“It’s not finished yet! We have to add the face and arms!” Anya pointed out.
“I can go collect sticks!” I said excitedly. I ran off towards the trees, making sure to keep the group in sight, and found two broken branches that happened to work out perfectly for arms. I scooped them up out of the snow and ran back to the incredible snowman we had just built. “I got the arms,” I called. That sounded so much better in my head, I thought. Within a few minutes, the arms and face were pieced together, making it an official

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