Descriptive Essay : ' The Deep Snow '

1698 Words Nov 21st, 2016 7 Pages
I sat there, in the deep snow, drawing my sound map. My eyes were closed, using my every ounce of strength to listen for even the smallest sounds. The whispering trees melodic wind, the creaking ice which covered so much of the winding river that ran through the riparian area on my map. When I was done, I laid down, acknowledging nature 's picturesque sky and landscape. The beautiful baby blue sky enveloped me with it’s gentle appeal while the tops of Aspen trees forced it’s barren branches into it, pushing with force to grow higher, stronger, and to gain power. Suddenly, a loud whistle blew my peaceful state away like a light breeze directing gentle snowflakes. “Let’s get going!” Ben, my instructor, called. I dragged my body out of the deep, heavy, pure white snow and reluctantly put my skis on. Standing up, just like Ben had taught us our first day here, I pushed off, using my arms and legs to create the burst I needed to get out of the pile of snow I was standing in. Why did we have to stop now? I thought, I had finally found that peaceful state that only occurs every once in awhile.
You see, I struggle to find complete peace anymore with the crazy schedule and all. But at Teton, I found that I had constant access to that inner peace that I had been longing for for so long. Being outside all day, and learning about the different species of trees, how specific species coexist with others, how to read tracks, and simply observing what wild animal’s lives are like only…

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