Example Of Narrative Essay My Short Story

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I walked into my class out of breath after climbing three sets of stairs only to find myself without a place to sit. My seat had been taken by someone else. Fortunately for me, one of my classmates was absent, so I sat in her place. The next day the same thing happened and again another girl was absent so I sat in her place. This kept happening and I realized that I had no “real friends” that I could rely on to save me a seat. Did I really know everyone in class? Yes I did. Were they all nice to me? Yes absolutely they were extremely friendly. Well then why wasn’t I close to anyone? Why didn’t anyone catch me a seat? Why did I have lunch alone every day? It was because I had closed myself off. Later that day when I went to walk my dog. I started to wonder why I closed myself off and why I had no close friends. As I continued down the sidewalk with the wind blowing in my face and the trees rustling I was revisited by my past. In tenth grade I had a very close circle of friends but sadly most of them migrated to India or other countries and the few that did stay drifted away from me because they shifted classes and found new friends. It was …show more content…
It looked like they were having a lot of fun. I went back to my room contemplating whether I should have said hello. Fortunately for me, I was extremely forgetful. I had forgotten my glasses on the kitchen countertop. I decided to go back the daunting kitchen again. On my long walk there, I kept telling myself “You are confident, you can do this Shivani. Come on!” I popped the door open, walked in and saw my glasses on the countertop. As I grabbed them I spurted out “Hello!” Suddenly a rush of thoughts occupied my head “Oh my god, What if they think I am weird or creepy or …. A freak!” “What if they don’t want to talk to

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