Essay About My Literacy

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Slowly trudging through books I hated but was forced to read in an high school.
Participating in a political discussion about the modern feminist movement in society (I won’t tell you my opinion, it’s bound to make someone angry at me). My mother tucking me into bed to read “The Little Engine That Could”. Though these three scenarios are vastly different, and occurred in different parts of my upbringing, they do share one thing in common: they have all contributed toward my literacy. A lot of times where my literacy was being grown I really disliked. I loved mathematics, science and politics (the latter especially as I entered my high school years), but I hated english class. I didn’t like the fact that I had to write about my feelings,
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She genuinely cared about all of her students. She tried to make every class enjoyable and that made my attitude of writing and reading change from pessimistic to optimistic. Though I didn’t become a much better writer until later on in my schooling, my mother and Ms. Orlowski are the two people I credit most for helping motivate my improvement my literacy.
Secondly, I’ve also had a lot of experiences that have helped me become more literate.
To be specific, my senior year english class with Ms. Judah. Unlike any of my other english classes, the class was more focused on open­ended discussions rather than lectures. We had daily conversations where I was forced to open up to the class. Previously, I had always been the one to keep to themselves in group discussions, and I was forced out of my comfort zone in order to succeed, which was very stressful at the time. The effects of this started to show later on in the class, as the essays I wrote were not just turned in and graded, rather discussed with everyone. I put more work for fear of being humiliated for a bad essay in front of the class, and ended up putting more thought into the papers I wrote. It also forced me to reason with my classmates,

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