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  • The Bauhaus: An Influential Artistic Movement

    De Stijl is Dutch for “the style” and it proposed ultimate simplicity and abstraction, both in architecture and painting. The visual language of the movement consists of straight lines, squares, rectangles, and the same primary colors that were prominent in expressionism. Curved lines and circles were considered to be representative of nature and were often not used in De Stijl artwork. The move from expressionism in the Bauhaus came gradually with the Dutch painter Van Doesburg, who was hoping to teach at the Bauhaus and spread his own ideas of De Stijl. It was during this time at the Bauhaus that design had become a main focus. Doesburg had the biggest impact the furniture workshop, which would become one of the schools defining features. Walter Gropius did not directly oppose of Van Doesburg’s ideas, but ultimately he did not accept him onto the staff of the Bauhaus. Doesburg was only at the Bauhaus for a short time, but he had brought the ideas of the De Stijl movement and they remained prevalent at the school for the remainder of its existence. The Red Blue Chair by Garrit Rietveld is a piece of furniture that embodies all of the prominent ideas from this time at the Bauhaus. It uses only primary colors and It is made up of only square or rectangular pieces of wood. The materials it consisted of were all readily available at the time to ensure it could be mass produced. Like Expressionism, the De Stijl movement had its greatest impact on…

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  • De Stijl Research Paper

    Visual and Material Culture – Essay “Are the clean, organised, minimalist approaches of De Stijl a reaction against the blood, filth, destruction and chaos of war?” De Stijl, also called “Neoplasticism” was a Dutch art movement that occurred during the start of the 20th century. Translated into English, “De Stijl” means “The Style”. It was considered a social and a political movement due to its time, the era of the first world war. It began with Theo Van Doesburg and after meeting Piet…

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  • Robert Motherwell

    The beautifully wise words of an American painter, Robert Motherwell, could not have described abstract art any better I strongly believe. He intricately and sophisticatedly describes the breath-taking style of abstract art as follows, “The function of abstraction is to get rid of a lot of reality. You start with as much richness as you want, and subtract, and then you arrive at the residue of essences that you’re interested in.” This description really allows the reader to visualize the artist…

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  • New Media Influence On Art

    New Media In the latter half of the 1800s and moving forward into the twentieth century, new forms of media began to spring up, which drastically changed the way art was created and produced. The invention of the camera and motion pictures evolved art in a way that the question of which art forms should really be considered art was asked. In an article written by Domenica Quaranta, she brings up this question and provides some analysis. Her biggest point states that while a media may be new…

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  • De Beers Diamond Company Case Study

    movements to finance wars against legitimate governments (De Beers Group, 2012). Business Action for Africa is an International business and organization from Africa. As Business Action for Africa in support of three primary objectives: positively influence policies needed for growth and poverty reduction, promote a more balanced view of Africa, development, and showcases good business practice. De Beers encourages sustainable business to ensure long-term positive development for Africa; this…

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  • De Beers Corporation: Diamond Trading Co.

    Since the early 20th century De Beers Corporation has had a monopoly on the world’s diamond supply. This monopoly has essentially enabled them to set the price for diamonds as they made up the largest market share, thus at their peak they controlled up to 80% of the worlds rough diamond supply. Through their tactic of restricting the supply of diamonds, the De Beer Corporation has made diamonds, into a luxury good. Over the past 100 years they have consolidated their vast share of the market…

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  • Critical Imaging Technology

    Question 1 Managing the Art of Innovation Assignment Question 1 One of the world's leading diamond mining companies (De Beers), was struggling to find ways to control and minimise diamond theft. As a result, this threatened their business viability due to substantial profit losses at many of the mines at the time. In attempts to start mitigating this problem, De Beers used a combination of physical body searches and conventional x-rays to detect any smuggled diamonds. According to Brian…

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  • Evolution Of Gold Case Study

    EVOLUTION OF GOLF FROM JEWELLERY TO TRADED COMMODITY -Pankaj Pandey Introduction This article aims to explain the evolution of Gold as a medium of trade and how, over the time, Gold has changed its image as mere jewellery item to a commodity that can be traded. This article also explores both global as well as regional factors that affect the demand and supply of gold thereby affecting its prices. We also explore how gold has traversed its journey from jewellery shop to being the most traded…

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  • Racial Segregation In Public Schools

    The elephant in the room of our national discourse about race continues to be the de facto racial segregation of our communities, and by extension of community-based racial segregation, the segregation of our nation’s system of public schools. Sixty-two years after the Brown v. Board of Education (1954) decision in which United States Supreme Court declared the de jure segregation of public institutions a violation of the equal protection provisions in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Young Women's Resource Center

    October 1, 2007 was the second most important day of my young life. It was the day my business officially opened for operations. This day fell a very short second to the date of my daughter and only child’s birth. The business was to be called Love My Curves Ladies Apparel and would offer clothing, accessories and shoes for plus sized women. I designed and sewed by request as well as ordered items from wholesale companies to sell at my retail store location in Des Moines Iowa. I created a…

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