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  • Essay On Dead Sea Scrolls

    The Dead Sea Scrolls are a well-known archaeological finding of manuscripts that recorded biblical documents and religious history, copied in the second century. The scrolls were discovered in the years 1947-1956, at Khirbet Qumran, a large area of the Dead Sea’s northwestern shore. These scrolls were retrieved from eleven different caves and are classified in three categories: Jewish literature (400 manuscripts), biblical books (200, manuscripts) and Sectarian compositions (200 manuscripts). The Dead Sea Scrolls had been kept hidden for over two thousand years, so this discovery was viewed as incredibly valuable for early Christianity and the history of Judaism. These findings ignited public interest and invoked excitement and controversy…

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  • Edgar Allan Poe's The City In The Sea

    Throughout literature, sinking cities have become a reoccurring image that have appeared in numerous works. Many authors take advantage of historical cities that have sunken or created new cities of their own to demolish in their works. A large debate is centralized around the setting in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The City in the Sea.” Analysis of the poem has led people to multiple conclusions, most commonly to the city of Babylon. While a great deal of evidence points to the city being based on…

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  • Atchafalaya Nature Analysis

    the Red Sea. Interestingly enough, there are also signs of dry riverbeds that would have branched off of the nile. One theory is that the dried riverbed going through Arabia at one time was connected to the nile through the now dried riverbeds of the nile. Of course, this would imply that water levels in ancient times were very high for some reason. The reason is uncertain, and anything past the riverbeds themselves is speculation. All we have to work with is that there is in fact many dried…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Israel

    because I had my best friend Natalie by my side. From the beginning of the trip till the end, Israel never seemed to stop amazing me. As soon as I landed I noticed how unique the country is. You can see how different the old buildings look, and how much effort and time is put into the new buildings. Just by stepping foot outside you automatically see amazing architecture and building designs that are breathtaking. The Dead Sea borders Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. It is also one of the…

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  • Yadin

    Amidst the discussions revolving around Masada, issues of pottery did come up. Graves writes, “Occasionally broken pieces of pottery (ostracon) were used to write short notes or letters (e.g. Lachish letters). Ostraca were sometimes used in placing a vote, as in the ballots discovered at Masada.” Historically, this dig brings additional confirmation of Yadin’s life-goals in a country he loved and served and one of the national sites of great national importance was Masada. Price writes,…

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  • Dead Sea Scrolls Essay

    Alike the Sadducees, historical data on this Jewish sect was vague, incomplete and perhaps thought to be destroyed until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is from the Dead Sea Scrolls that their existence was made available. The Essenes were a semi-monastic and separatist community, and they would have been the recorders and preservers of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Essenes lived ascetic lives. They denied themselves the pleasures and luxuries of the world system. They lived alone in…

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  • The Dead Sea Scrolls And The Apocrypa

    An Introduction to the Theology of the Hodayot Scroll” Jane Doe BOTB: 685A The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Apocrypha April 20, 2012 Introduction When the first set of Dead Sea Scrolls was discovered in 1947, the collection contained several never before seen non-biblical scrolls. Among these unknown scrolls, was the scroll given the Hebrew name Hodayot or the Thanksgiving Hymns. The scroll received this name…

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  • Eleazar Sukenik's The Dead Sea Scrolls

    The Dead Sea Scrolls are a group of ancient scrolls found by the Dead Sea in a cave. In 1947, a Bedouin shepherd tossed a stone into a cave close to the northwest shore of the Dead Sea, in Qumran. Rather than the sound of the stone striking rock or earth, he heard the sound of breaking pottery. Upon investigating he saw a number of tall clay jars. Together with a cousin, he entered the cave, where he found one jar containing some scrolls. The two began showing them to people, looking for a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Hebrew Bible

    Qoheleth). The Hebrew Bible that we know today most likely took its final form in the first century C.E., and we know that the process is went through to get to this stage, was indeed a process. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls is regarded as possibly the most significant archaeological discovery to take place in the twentieth century. The Dead Sea Scrolls are the scrolls with the original, Hebrew writings on them, and they are the oldest biblical writings that we have by nearly 1000…

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  • Qumran And The Dead Sea Scrolls Analysis

    Reading through Jodi Magness’ The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, I could not help but think how different our knowledge would be had she actually worked directly with Roland De Vaux and how valuable he might have found her thinking as they were unearthing Qumran. Magness takes the stuffiness and statistics out of the equation and gives us a look at the community at Qumran with fresh eyes. In her description of how archaeologists actually work, it was such a shame to learn how…

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