Deadly force

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  • Deadly Force

    Use of Deadly Force Police officers, or any type of law enforcement are here to protect us from any harm. Discretion is something that law enforcement uses and plays a major role in policing. Many people have their own opinion on whether police officers are doing their job the right way. Of course we all have our own views and what the “right way” is and how it differs from people to people. What I believe is that many police officers are not doing their job right due to the fact that there have been many cases in which it is demonstrated that police officers have taken advantage of their position and have used discretion in an inappropriate manner. I believe that police officers have taken advantage of their position and have used discretion…

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  • Deadly Force Defense

    The deadly-force defense in a self-defense claim used to justify that a reasonable amount of force is necessary against another individual when that threat is deadly or may cause serious bodily harm often found in assault, battery, and homicide cases. Lisa M. Strom, 120, (2012). In other words, deadly force is a legal action taken that could potentially kill the other person who unlawfully enters a home, attempted murder, or felony action against oneself or another. Nonetheless, there are four…

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  • Stress And Safety In Law Enforcement Essay

    fulfill the primary goal of making the world a better and safer place for our families. However, there’s also the negative side of policing that we often find disturbing and controversial. For instance, one uncertain issue today, yet it’s a necessity and inevitable, is the use of deadly force by police officers. According to Robert et al. (2011), Police carry the legal authority to maintain order, demand 7 / 12 compliance, stop and detain people, and even kill if necessary (pg. 311). Police…

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  • Examples Of Police Brutality

    where a suspect draws a firearm of any kind on a police officer, the police officer has to do anything in their power, including discharging their own weapon, to protect the citizens, as well as his own self. The occupation of a police officer can be as simple as writing somebody a ticket for disobeying the law, but it can also be as difficult as making a split second decision to pull his firearm on a criminal. The matter of the fact is that the police officers of the United States show bravery…

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  • Vigilantism And The Law: Article Analysis

    stabbed him? Because his neighbor allegedly molested his two-year-old daughter. But the problem with Edington killing his neighbor was he became just as horrible as the man he killed. This led him to be put in jail for ten to twenty years. Some people might try to defend Edington's actions, saying while yes, he may have committed a crime to stop one, that morally the neighbor deserved death because molesting a defenseless child is wrong. Yet the problem is that while the child might be scared…

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  • Stand Your Ground Law In The Early 1900's

    enough respect for other humans, to try to be civil and work things out with the person that is trying to make a scene. It creates a presumption of self-defense when force is used against an intruder in one’s home or vehicle. Under the old law, the burden was on the defendant to prove that they acted in self-defense by a preponderance of the evidence. The intruder is actually is an intruder, this means the person whom forced is being used against does not have a lawful right or privilege to be…

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  • Trayvon Martin Case Analysis

    Black lives matter, blue lives matter, and all lives matter. These phrases are often used to signify either taking a side or verifying neutrality in respect to the socio-racial crisis between African Americans and the police force that presents itself in the daily lives of Americans. The truth is that these matters are not nearly as black and white as they seem. Boundaries that separate basic principles of police duties and human morality often blur together and results in the media spewing…

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  • Duluth Police Department: DPD Case Study

    lives, or when the suspect is showing resistance to have control of a subject and if lesser means have been attempted and been ineffective or seem to be ineffective. Moreover, they also list scenarios where more justification is needed to use CEDs. such as: people with heart conditions, elderly, juveniles, women who are pregnant, and people with a frail bodily structure. According to the MPD, CEDs are only reasonably used on people trying to escape based on the seriousness of the crime, if…

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  • Policy Index: Reasonable Use Of Force

    USE OF FORCE Policy Index: • Definitions • Reasonable Uses of Force • Prohibited Uses of Force • Reporting Methods Definitions: A. Use of Force Any implantation of physical techniques, tools, or other means to defend, restrain, overcome, or gain physical control of an individual. B. Excessive Force Situations in which more force is used than is allowed when judged in terms of administrative or professional guidelines or legal standards. This term also includes, illegal force. (Dunham, R. G., &…

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  • A Summary Of San Jose's Homicide

    officers. However, these cases are heavily reviewed by a board of directors. In San Jose, the procedure is “Whenever a police officer is involved in a fatality or shooting incident in the City of San Jose, the San Jose Police Department’s Homicide/Crime Scene unit is assigned primary responsibility for the investigation of the incident.” (San Jose Police Department). The investigation is then reviewed and approved by the Police Chiefs Association. Nonetheless, there are officers that take…

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