Examples Of Police Brutality

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Police Brutality
Police officers are the brave men and women out on the streets making sure the society is running smoothly. When a police officer sees something out of the ordinary, it is their duty to put a stop to it. However, if there is a situation where a suspect draws a firearm of any kind on a police officer, the police officer has to do anything in their power, including discharging their own weapon, to protect the citizens, as well as his own self. The occupation of a police officer can be as simple as writing somebody a ticket for disobeying the law, but it can also be as difficult as making a split second decision to pull his firearm on a criminal. The matter of the fact is that the police officers of the United States show bravery and courage with whatever they do. Police officers will more than likely never back down from a dangerous situation because they know their duty is to protect the citizens of the United States. Police officers should be granted the right to use lethal force when they are in a life threatening situation
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“A local resident filmed him screaming in pain as officers picked him up and dragged him to their van (Gilmore).” Freddy Gray was screaming, “You already stung me” but the police did not stop (Gilmore). In the Baltimore case of Freddy Gray, the police officers abused their power and continued to harm Freddy Gray for no reason. After an hour had passed, “Freddy Gray had slipped into a coma (Gilmore).” The officers that had beat Freddy Gray were suspended and the Justice Department opened an investigation. Following the death of the 25 year old, “protests grew, and in the chaos after the funeral, 19 buildings and 144 vehicles were set on fire. The case in Baltimore was an example of police brutality because the officers had already arrested Freddy Gray, but instead of just arresting him, they continued to beat him to

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