Police Brutality And Brutality History

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Police brutality and weaponry has a lot of history from the civil rights movement and it is still happening today. I believe that there is a lot to be said and a lot to be done about the current rate of police brutality, history creates the present, the only reason why it is still happening today is because for one, history repeats itself and the second thing is in the past it was never looked at as really and horribly wrong but rather as a way of discipline.
The Civil Rights Movement, which all had large police brutality rates spanning from the 1920’s-1960’s. However, police brutality did not stop there. Police misconduct and brutality is still an issue today. In 1999, about 422,000 people 16 years old or older had had contact with police
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A lot of people don’t like police and don’t exactly understand the history and the reasoning behind weapons and why police do what they do. I am definitely not saying that in all cases the cops were just doing there jobs, I do believe that there are bad cops out there and unfortunately since they can not do their job correctly without harming or hurting someone or themselves, people view police officers and the task force a whole lot differently. If law enforcement had no weapons or protective gear, the streets would be chaotic and people wouldn’t be able to be controlled. I believe that you can turn anything good or bad. If the weapon is used to protect yourself or others then you are doing what you have to do to get things done correctly. If you use a weapon to hurt someone severely you are trained to know how to use it therefore it is in your control and you are using it beyond reason, then problems are created because police brutality has high rates, the good cop gets hardly any recognition well the police officer that made a mistake gets attention everywhere creating more and more history on police

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