My Thanksgiving Day: My Experience Of A Thanksgiving Day

Register to read the introduction… The sweet pumpkin pie, the tart apple pie, and of course, the rich, chocolate ice-cream topped off the amazing meal. I glanced from face to face, privately thanking God for each family member. There were smiles everywhere, from my brother's mischievous grin, to my grandmother's heartwarming smile. I looked around the room at the decorations I had helped my mother put up. Pictures of pumpkins, still up from last

Halloween, hung next to Christmas wreathes and holly. In the center of the table sat an overflowing cornucopia, stuffed with wheat, grain, and all sorts of fruit of the earth.

As I took in all the warmth and happiness of Thanksgiving, I realized my home during the holidays was much like the grand centerpiece of the table. Like the cornucopia, my home was filled with joy, stuffed with memories, and overflowing with love. On a day devoted to thanks, I had so many reasons to be thankful. I had gentle sounds, cozy quilts, scrumptious food, and the comfort of my family. I had so much to be thankful for in a place like not other, a place called

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