Family Relationships In Fish Cheeks: Why Are Family Trength?

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Many people consider family to be a very important and significant part of their lives. Our modern and mobile world makes it hard to maintain close family relationships. With practice and effort, we can not only maintain but build quite strong family relationships.The first chapter in the textbook Interface English, by John Green, forces the reader to come to a conclusion: Do family ties tangle or strengthen?” (5). Although, many people do believe family ties tangle, they really do not. Through several pieces of text, the reader is forced to close that family ties do strengthen indeed. They strengthen by long distance traditions, connecting with children and the advice of elders. Family ties strengthen if long distance traditions are kept ongoing. To begin with, a family should not forget to celebrate and spend time together even if there are better or more exciting things to be a part of. In “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan, a chinese family has a huge get together for a Christmas dinner. In this memoir, Amy writes:
And even though I didn’t agree with her then, I knew that she understood how much I had suffered during the evening’s dinner. It wasn’t until many years later- long after I had
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He’s an awfully kind man! I can’t understand why mother does not ask him to come and live with us and why she forbids us from seeing him”(19). This shows how the separation of parents can have a huge impact on the children. The parents become too worried about themselves and forget to pay attention to their children. The children become upset due to these situations. If the parents separate, they need to pay attention to the children and what is best for them. The opinion and well being of children in these situations should be kept of high importance. Next, some of the basic needs of childhood are love and connecting emotionally. A quote from “To A Sad Daughter” By Michael Ondaatje shows a father talking about his daughter. He

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