Monique And The Mango Rains Analysis

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Differences Among Cultures
In the book Monique and The Mango Rains there are many situations that affect people, especially the health of women. All this involves the care, the place, among other things that are not favorable for them. To give you a better deal for patients Giger and Davihizer decided to make a proposal of the six phenomena which are: Biologic Variation, Social Organization, Time Orientation, Environmental Control, Space, and Communication. Transcultural nurse need to be able to use the six phenomena because is more effective when interacting with patients. With that nurses can acquire a more sensible attitude to understand their patients of same and different culture.
Kris Holloway is the author of the book Monique and The
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For example, “Almost immediately, Kadjatou’s contractions began coming with increasing frequency. They possessed her body and her orifices burst forth water, vomit, and diarrhea” (Holloway, 2007, 7). Most of the women of the village reacted negatively at the moment of giving birth. They were very susceptible for any infection and they had several symptoms that led them to death. Another example of Biological Variations is “The Paludrine and Chloroquine pills I flushed down my throat each morning had kept me malaria-symptoms-free” (Holloway, 2007, 16). When she took these drugs, there was a difference she remained healthy and free from malaria. Third example is “They stay away from having sex for a while. They try different herbs, plants to drink, or to put up there”. She pointed below her abdomen (Holloway, 2007, 96-97). Women of the village try to avoid pregnancy and use medicinal plants to help them to avoid becoming …show more content…
She could understand the needs of people, their beliefs, she supported and respected them. The people of the village knew that Monique was a great person and could trust her to put her life in his hands. Monique was always helpful for the people of the village. There are events in the story of Monique and the Mango Rains that are related to the six phenomena. In the village the inhabitants worked together, supported each other, react in similar ways, shared beliefs and treatments for diseases. Also, they were trying to get ahead with hard work and dedication in the same way that they respected their time and space. Cultural phenomena might shape a different health care delivery for people of different cultures. For example, Black Americans prefer to be physically close with interacting with people (Dayer-Berenson, 2013, 177). On the other hand, Asians prefer to be separated physically because they feel uncomfortable if they are very close to each other (Dayer-Berenson, 2013, 254). Nurses have to consider this at the moment when they are talking with Black American and Asian patients and their family. According to CDC as stated in Dayer-Berenson (2013): Black Americans are six times more likely to have AIDS than Whites and Hispanics are three times more likely to have AIDS than Whites (178). People have differences in regard to biological variations and

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