Cultural Safety In Nursing

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This essay will discuss culture safety of the following articles “Cultural safety in nursing education and practice in Aotearoa New Zealand”, “Cultural immersion enhancing nursing skills”, “Perception of cultural safety and attitudes a nursing students reflection and artwork”. These articles outline cultural safety from three individuals’ point of view. The articles by Bryson and Newson will then be compared and discussed.
Richardson (2011) stated that since 1990 when New Zealand introduced cultural safety into the nursing education curriculum it has had profound impact on nursing education and the delivery of nursing and healthcare. The focus of cultural safety is for the nurse and the patient they are caring for in healthcare services it
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At the time Bryson (2012) found it difficult to comprehend and described it as more of an ‘ethnic’ safety paper. Bryson (2012) did not understand the concept behind the word ‘culture’. Bryson (2012) believed that “patients may not agree with care received, but that, as a nurse, you act for the greater good of the patient” (Bryson, 2012, p, 51). In Bryson’s second year of Nursing she started to develop a knowledge of what was happening and cultural safety started to make sense. The complexity and depth of the idea of cultural safety was confusing Bryson but she began to understand why her opinions and culture mattered as a nurse. (Bryson, 2012). “There is more than meets the eye, and if you look more deeply, everything affects everything else – this was the realisation that challenged my opinion” said (Bryson, 2012, p, 51). The cultural safety concept does not teach or expect nurses to know other ethnicities but simply to acknowledge and respect other people regardless if they different to them. (Bryson, 2012). Bryson, (2012) learnt that caring for one patient can be completely different to caring for another patient that has the same culture. Developing her understanding for cultural safety has made her understand her power as a nurse and how her attitude and self-awareness can affect the care she provides. Bryson is aware that her power is in her name badge and knowledge and that her attitude and stereotypes will always be there as she’s only human but it’s up to her to be

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