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  • Essay On Inequality In America

    can no longer ignore the fact that what was once the pillar of American society, has now crumbled and has left the lower and middle classes dealing with the rubble. George Packer is a well known writer for the New Yorker, in an article for a 2011 issue of Foreign Affairs,…

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  • Never Let Defeat Have The Last Word Analysis

    As the NBA player, Paul George, once said, "Never Let Defeat Have The Last Word." You will not let "defeat" stop you from reading this essay about many other facts about interesting things. When reading, have defeat on your mind throughout these many different subjects. This essay will change your understandings of how many of these subjects are connected to each other. This paragraph is all about Paul George's career as an NBA player and his other hiccups that he has had in his life. Paul…

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  • Super Bowl I: Team Analysis

    Every year, millions of viewers from hundreds of countries partake in watching one of the most intriguing sports event. January 15, 1967, the Green Bay Packers beat Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the first-ever AFL-NFL World Championship Game later known as Super Bowl I. Being able to play in the Super Bowl is something every team wishes to achieve, however, there are many obstacles they need to overcome in order to get there. There are thirty-two teams in the league, divided into two Conferences…

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  • Film Analysis: Brian's Song '

    In its times, “Brian’s Song” was the most iconic made-for-TV movie. ABC strategically placed its premier, utilizing the concept of “flow” to cross-over their normal, stereotypical male Monday Night Football audience, towards the broad audience they were striving for their prime-time football games. Doing this allowed Monday Night Football to become a “consensual space”, thanks to the high viewing rates of the connecting film. These ideas worked with the themes of the movie to construct a…

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  • New York Jets Case Study

    The New York Jets are 1-5 after suffering another stinging loss to a playoff-caliber opponent. The Arizona Cardinals beat the Jets in every facet of the game on Monday Night Football. The Jets vaunted defensive line could not stop the Cardinals running attack and the Cardinals passing game was effective enough to keep the Jets defense on their heels all night. It was a penalty-filled game that at times made it tough to watch, but the Cardinals seemed to overcome the penalties and found a way to…

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  • Super Bowl Game Analysis

    As you probably already know the Super Bowl is a massive event where two of the best football teams in the NFL take each other on head to head. This year was Super Bowl 51 and the New England Patriots took on the Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons haven’t ever won a Super Bowl, but they were looking to do so on February 5th in front of 115.5 million people. The Patriots had already won four Super Bowl titles but weren’t going to stop there. The coaches of this team are Bill Belichick…

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  • Elmer Layden: The American Football Team

    . In the next year, the NFL named Elmer Layden the commissioner of the NFL. When World War Two started, the NFL lost most of its players and its rosters started depleting down to barely anything. In 1946, the NFL did not renew Layden’s contract and replaced him with former co-owner of the Steelers Bert Bell. In 1950, the NFL replaced the Eastern and Western divisions with the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Then one year later the NFL started the pro bowl…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Breakdown In The Football Field

    Have you ever scored a touchdown before? It all started on a Saturday in October on the thirty yard line of a football field. This is where I began to score my first touchdown. I'm going to tell you how it happened. First of all, it was a chilly Saturday morning in October. The game was held in Reform Alabama at G.S. SPRUILLS Football Field. Before I scored, I kept getting tackled. I would usually gain about four yards each time. Sometimes I would even loose yards. Then, on the next hand…

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  • Resilient Qualities

    took Matthew under my wing and showed him how in the Marines he could attain success. I talked to him about tuition assistance, financial security and about technical training. Those were some of the things that he wanted in order to have a successful career and subsequent life. I still get emails and calls from this young man, so I know I made an impact in his life and I am grateful that I had an opportunity to do that. Vince Lombardi said “Don’t succumb to excuses. Go back to the job of…

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  • Essay On Shoring Points

    Vince Lombardi once asked “If it doesn 't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?” Scoring points is a major factor in winning a football game, but stopping the opposing team from scoring helps too. So you might simply ask, just how important is scoring points versus the amount of points that a team allows to be scored on them? Here the correlation between three variables will be examined to come to a consensus of whether the points scored or points allowed correlates with the…

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