Menstrual psychosis

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  • Andrea Yates: Mother Or Monster

    The Andrea Yates Bill was voted in by the Texas legislature in 2003. The bill mandated that all prenatal care providers must inform new mothers of resources. Resources that would be able to help them if they ever found themselves experiencing postnatal depression or other related illnesses. Yates’s attorney called the Yates case as a real eye opener for the nation in regards to mental illness” (pg. 1954). I agree with the attorney’s above description of Yates’s case. When she fell prey to postnatal psychosis, Yates transformed into a monster because she had no one to help her fight the mental illness. Being left to raise five kids while being isolated from the outside world, Andrea felt no one was there to help her and she was left all alone. If Yates had someone there to help her and if she had tried to get out more, she would have remained a mother rather than transforming into a…

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  • Schizophrenia In Hamlet Essay

    In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet displays clear signs of a struggle with Schizophrenia all throughout his plight following his father’s death. Among these are episodes of intense hallucination and illusion, those being during the visits of the ghost, some misguided thoughts and a loose grasp of reality, and the shifts and diction chosen in his soliloquies. In general, Hamlet displays a peculiarity and isolated nature about himself which is identical to that of a typical schizophrenic. Someone…

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  • Theme Of Stigma In A Beautiful Mind

    "Imagine if you suddenly learned that the people, the places, the moments most important to you were not gone, not dead, but worse, had never been. What kind of hell would that be?" -Dr.Rosen, A Beautiful Mind Schizophrenia is a disorder that is often represented in the media. Many novels, films, and television series have used schizophrenic characters as creepy, insane, and most often than not murders. By comparing these representations with scientific research, this…

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  • Disorder In Black Sw The Life Of Natalie Portman's Black Swan

    perfectionist, found this predominantly challenging. The director, Thomas, is a sexually aggressive character who pushes Nina to perform to her most favorable potential. He is continuously challenging her, criticizing her for being a “coward”, or contrastingly showing her affection. Nina becomes possessive over him as she desires for his approval. This causes her to push herself even further, which was her biggest stressor. Nina was so into obsessed with being perfect, so much so that she was…

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  • Postpartum Psychosis In The Book Of Margery Kempe Analysis

    All Actions Have a Reason: An Understanding of Postpartum Psychosis in The Book of Margery Kempe Studies have found that postpartum psychosis appears in about one in every five hundred childbearing women a few weeks after they deliver. Postpartum psychosis is much more sever and rare than postpartum depression, someone with this illness may develop hallucinations, delusional beliefs, manic episodes, paranoia, obscured thinking, and have a dramatic change of behavior. In Margery Kempe’s book,…

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  • Schizophrene Kapil Analysis

    Schizophrene, by Bhanu Kapil, focuses on the Partition of India and the widespread lasting effect it had over the mental health and physical safety of citizens. Kapil focuses on schizophrenia, writing about the speaker’s immigrant experience through that lens. In Schizophrene, Bhanu Kapil uses aspects such as color to symbolize emotion, a distant tone, and showcases psychological and physical displacement. By using these methods to signify the speaker’s feeling towards aspects of her experience,…

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  • Neurotic Disorder Characteristics

    There are different types of mental disorders that are encountered by law enforcement officers. Officers must learn to recognize the signs and become aware of the mental ill characteristics, it is paramount. The three disorders mention earlier will be describe with in the discussing. Let us begin with the Personality disorders, people with passive-aggressive personality disorders are failing in jobs, school, and interpersonal relationships. The passive is unforceful, weak and timid; although the…

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  • Childhood Onset Schizophrenia

    After the researchers reviewed early home videos from families they were able to identify many differences between schizophrenic children and their peers. They quickly noted the pre-Schizophrenic children showed flat emotional states, less joy or distress, they also noted the few coordinated movements they were able to make. Studies have found that psychotic symptoms can be detected in children not only as young as twelve but as young as five. Though some can argue that at five children have…

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  • Hector Behavior Case Study Essay

    THE PRESENTING PROBLEM: Hector was a university student that was carried to the emergency room by a campus police, with claims by a professor that Hector walked into the room shouting, “he was the joker who was looking for batman” and he refused to leave (Delusions and Hallucinations, APA, 2013). Hector behavior became increasingly odd during the past year, which he starts to isolate himself from family and friends; he spent most of his time lying in bed and starring at the ceiling. Hector was…

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  • Negative Symptoms Of Schizophrenia

    More mental health hospital beds are occupied by people with schizophrenia than any other illness. There are more Americans with schizophrenia than there are residents of North Dakota and Wyoming combined. One percent of the population (3.2 million Americans) will develop schizophrenia in their lifetime. But about three out of a hundred people will experience a psychotic episode at some point in their life. Because Schizophrenia is so widespread it is important that people can recognize and…

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