Essay On Menstrual Cycle

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The purpose of my project is to educate young women about the menstrual cycle and proper hygiene in both developed and third world countries through an interactive presentation because, on average 52% of the female population is reproductive and many are not aware of what is actually going on in their bodies (SSW).

I’m proposing this because there are so many women, young and old that do not understand what their body is doing when they get older, nor do they know what to do or how to react when their menstrual cycle arrives. Personally, I was never actually taught why my body did such uncomfortable things to me. When it did come, I did not how to cope with it until I was in high school and already had my period for four years and was only briefly informed in a wellness class.

One really
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Many misconceptions that men have of women during that time of them month is that we are “bitchy and emotional,” that oppress women and belittles them to this stereotypical mad women during their monthly. When, in reality we are at a vulnerable time because our body is producing a natural reaction. Steinem, author of If men could menstruate, states if men could menstruate “menstruation would become enviable [and] boast worthy.”. However, since it’s a women’s issue, society, race and religion has stigmatized the menstrual cycle as an unnatural evil. For example, in India, it’s taboo to enter a temple while on your period, since you are impure, they don’t want you to be disrespectful and contaminate the temple (Bhavnani). However, in reality it is a natural-born reaction that others must comprehend and see its positives. People must grasp that a period is a beautiful aspect of the body, that celebrates womanhood and ignore the false oppression men, religion and society has placed among

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