Short Story: Kelsey And Angela's Time

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Kelsey and Angela walked in silence towards the parking lot. Kelsey could tell that she was nervous, and didn’t want to push her to talk. Upon seeing Derek and Ben in the parking lot, she reached over and squeezed Angela’s hand.
“You’ll do great.” She whispered before leading her over to where the two boys were waiting.
“Hello gorgeous.” Ben called to her, jogging over to the two of them and pulling Kelsey in for a kiss. “We could have walked up to grab you.”
“Oh no that’s okay,” Kelsey replied kissing him on the cheek.
Derek had followed Ben over to where the two girls were standing at a much slower pace. He now stood awkwardly behind Ben, not sure what to do.
“Hey Derek, how are you?” Kelsey asked, walking over to give him a hug.
“Not bad, how about yourself?”
“Pretty good.
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The scene faded from Angela’s mind as a new one took place. She was blindfolded, being led into a room, she was laughing. “Ethan! What is happening? Why can’t I see where you’re taking me?” She asked, still laughing as she felt Ethan’s hand leave hers and she blindly felt about. “No, no no! Don’t move yet!” he exclaimed as she heard the clatter of something. “Crap.” He muttered under his breath and she laughed again. “Okay, okay. You can take it off now.” He told her. Reaching up and removing the blindfold she gasped at what Ethan had done. They were supposed to have a picnic outside but the storm had ruined their plans and had even cut off the power. In Ethan’s kitchen he had moved the table to the side and laid across the entire floor were blankets. A small bouquet of roses was in the center of the blanket next to a picnic basket. Candles were everywhere to help them see. “Ethan-“ Angela started as she looked around the room. “Okay, I know its not much, but I didn’t have a lot of time. Next time I promise, I promise I’ll make it better.” He told her as he pulled her down to sit next to

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