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  • The Cold War: A Short Story

    “Liam can start World War III, a war that will be so great that it can end all wars. He can bring suffering the likes the world has never known, mass disease, mass starvation, mass genocide, all while convincing the world’s people that what he is asking them to do to one another is a just-cause and righteous. “This can all happen or none of it can happen, the future is an unknown at this point, but if Liam is allowed to fall into the wrong hands, devastating consequence may arise as a result.” “Well, why would we ever let him fall in the wrong hands?” Angela pleaded. “I’m…

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  • My Life Changing Experience: A Narrative Fiction

    I met Carl in the hanger the following day with a full, happy stomach. Sally had slipped me another fruit and nut bar with my oatmeal. The sugar in the fruit must have given me a high because I felt myself smiling. I was disappointed I didn’t see Evan at breakfast, but when the thought that I would be his wife tomorrow popped up it almost made me giddy. Carl was his usual horrible self. He barked at me to move the compartments again. It took me most of the day to move them all, but it was…

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  • Flash Drive: A Narrative Fiction

    She walked over to Johnny. Lowering her voice, she sounded mentally and physically exhausted when she spoke. “We need to get home and review the information on the flash drive. I guess this is where I part ways with the FBI.” “You part ways with them when me and my old man say so. Go to your office, check in, do your paperwork on the transport that went bad. Then you pass the intel to Homeland Security. They’ll arrange your FBI gig to go away, just like they planned to do when you solved the…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: Losing Table No. I. D.

    Losing Table Number 5 Daniel was no ordinary girl. According to her granddad, she was very unique. He would always tell her that she was capable of doing remarkable things in the near future, but Daniel didn’t believe her granddad. Daniel and her granddad were the only two people left in the Everstein family. They lived in a dirty old shack behind an elegant penthouse. Daniel couldn’t go to college because they couldn’t afford it. This was why she worked as a waitress in an old-fashioned diner.…

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  • Loyalists Alternate Ending

    “You listen to me young man! You are NOT joining the Loyalists and that’s final!” Eren’s mother yells at him. This was a constant battle between the two. “WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?? SIT HERE LIKE A COWARD AND WATCH MY FRIENDS DIE! THE DIAMOND ROSES ARE not GOING TO STOP! SOMEONE HAS TO HELP” Eren balled his fists as he yells even louder than his mom. As a young 16 year old, Eren wanted nothing but to get out of Ritwell and join the Loyalists, a group a misfit that wish to eliminate the…

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  • Commemorative Speech

    Today I’m going to tell you about a person who has had the most positive influence on me. He has taught me right from wrong through example. That man is my brother Nathan. Nathan and I were never good friends when we were young in fact we fought daily but now that we are older and don’t see as much of each other we like each other way more. I am going to tell you how he’s impacted my life, how he’s taught me and how he’s given advise. Ever since I was born I’ve had my brother I haven’t always…

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  • Example Of Justification Report

    Mr. Mullaney- From here on out let 's refer to each other with our respective names. Please call me Mr. Karjohn, and I will do the same by referring to you using your sir name. Calling me by my first name, is not a privilege that I am no longer willing to grant you. I 've never been so disrespected by a student or an employee in my professional experience. It seems that you have turned something of professional accountability, into a personal attack on yourself. It is evident that you 've…

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  • Touchable Untouchable Case Study

    Law 43: Protect the Touchable Untouchable “You gain more by finding a rich mine and mining it deeper, than by flitting from one shallow mine to another – intensity defeats extensity every time.” – Robert Greene, “The 48 Laws of Power”. Human Nature has shown that the more rare, expensive or unattainable something is, the more desirable it becomes. Consumers might not consider purchasing a BMW if it were priced similar to a KIA, the essence of luxury is directly linked to the cost to obtain it.…

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  • Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

    never get things right! Are these the words you repetitively saying to yourself? Or these are what you may hear from people you care. What is Low Self-esteem? Low self-esteem is negative perception one thinks about oneself. These people may judge, criticise how they look or what they own (or do not own). People with low self-esteem may think themselves are not worthy of good stuff because of their weakness. They may blame themselves over the situation that does not work well. Where does it…

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  • The Importance Of Love In My Family

    As the emotional person that I am, I have so much love to offer in every relationship I enter. One of the strongest bonds that I have is with my family. They have always been so supportive of me and for that, I love them. My family hit a rough spot when my parents got a divorce in 2009. It was a very challenging time for all of us. Although this is true, it only brought us closer together after we had come to terms with the situation. My family and I have grown together and through the ups and…

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