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  • Importance Of Fun And Creative Arts

    activities that build them up and help them in their growth and development at all times. This is especially when they are at home for holidays. Instead of letting them idle in the house and watch television or play video games all day long, how about you put their creativity into good use. This is majorly by engaging them in activities that will boost their creativity as well as give them pleasure. This can be a very constructive way to spend the holidays at home. REASON WHY IT IS IMPORTANT. The reason why it is important for your kids to be involved with fun and creative arts encompasses: • Gives the two of you a chance to bond: it is…

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  • Sympathy In The Five People You Meet In Heaven

    “Charles Darwin said that sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature.” (I Am) This supports the theory that human nature is cooperative rather than competitive; especially since most people believe that Darwin was a firm believer in a competitive lifestyle. Sympathy is a word that affects most people but only some have an exceptional response to situations where sympathy comes into play. For example, in The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Eddie had sympathy for the little girl in the…

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  • The Role Of Technology In Wall E Movies

    depiction seen in Wall E is one of the possibility of what technology can do to humanity. The people in that space ship are not living at all, they are just surviving. With that idea, Albert Einstein predicted that he “fears the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Single Parents

    Single Parent Families Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a single parent? Maybe you are one. If you are a single parent you know that there is a huge struggle that can bring you down. Jennifer Wolf states, “A report released by the U.S Census Bureau every two years (and most recently in December 2011), there are approximately 13.7 million single parents in the United States today, and those parents are responsible for raising 22 million children.” In arguing this claim Wolf really…

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  • My Backup Plan

    Ever since I was young I had some sort of plan. My parents taught me that having a plan will always help you. I started with that and have gone from there. I have even gone further. I will sometimes have a backup plan or even a backup plan for my backup plan. I like to have a plan for the important events in my life or even some important assignments. When I am with friends, though, I tend to go with the flow. I like to think about the here, now, and the future. My past can stay behind me, for…

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  • Short Story: Copper Mountain

    minutes of consciousness to memorize every details she can. White hair, blue eyes. Not the most helpful information. Picturing Jared’s face produces a blurry outline that could be anyone. Eleanor can’t remember a solid and reliable image of what he looked like. His whole body was covered in cloth, not an inch of skin shown. Maybe that could help. Maybe that’s some kind of culture he can be traced back to. Something slimy brings Eleanor out of her head and back to reality. She…

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  • The Importance Of Happiness In Beloved Communities

    and when living in one you will be happier and more satisfied, rather than if you lived in a bitter, disconnected community. Such little things can change the environment, and the mood of those around you. When in a good mood, people will do good things to help others, and when these good deeds occur, it can totally change the vibe of the community. Not only can these things make a person’s day, but also they could potentially make more money for the entire body. Beloved communities are…

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  • Religion In The Canterbury Tales Essay

    He expresses these points through many characters in this book; the Wife of Bath is proud of who she is, even if she goes against religious laws, and is still very devoted to religion, the Pardoner, though he’s a fraud, manages to be a decent human being by being honest, while being homosexual, and three religious figures, the Monk, the Prioress, and the Friar, all sin or are not visibly that religious despite their positions as spiritual figures. The Wife of Bath has a commanding presence to…

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  • Compare And Contrast Love And Hate Essay

    can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that," Martin Luther King. It is no secret that the two strongest emotions are love and hate. Each of these emotions have the ability to drive people to do questionable things. For years, millions of people have been attracted to the idea that hate is the strongest feeling there is. While it is an extremely powerful feeling, it is not the strongest. That title belongs to love for a number of reasons. Nothing can get in the way of love, no…

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  • The Love Story In Weaver's A Gravestone Made Of Wheat

    In Will Weavers, “A Gravestone Made of Wheat”, Weaver focuses on the love story of Inge and Olaf. Ali Selim’s film, Sweetland, also focuses on the message of short story, maybe even more so the love that Inga and Olaf share. They both cover the same story of a woman who comes to America from Germany, for freedom and to marry someone she has never met. The man and woman struggle with finding someone to grant her citizenship, since the war just ended and she is of German nationality. Ultimately…

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