The Role Of Technology In Wall E Movies

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Wall E movies was a success when it first came out in 2008, it is success in its earning

profit but most importantly it affectively depicts what humanity do to the planet Earth nowadays.

The film is a documentation that capture the effect of destroying the planet and how people

would be rely completely on technology eventually. It is a wakeup call for humanity to realize

that technology can change the way we live to a whole new level. Yet, the depiction seen in Wall

E is one of the possibility of what technology can do to humanity. The people in that space ship

are not living at all, they are just surviving. With that idea, Albert Einstein predicted that he

“fears the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a
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Technology is mean to make humanity better but at the same time it also interfere with

our senses as human. People rarely spend times to social outside of homes, they cut off their

lives from the reality and try to immerse themselves into a virtually world, one that can collapse

easily if there is no Wi-Fi and bandwidth. People need to know that when they are depending on

something too much other than themselves, it can never be good for humanity. This is clearly

illustrated in the movie Wall E, where people just lying there on their floating chairs, being lazy

all day. There is no motivation to work or walk when there are robots that serve their every

needs. It just depressing to see people do nothing but looking at the screen all day. The existence

of humanity would soon disappear if there is no bonding between human. The people in Wall E

movies have no place to live but a space ship because they have destroyed the Earth. Likewise,

the same thing could happen to this generation if they keep depend on technology to do all the

works. It will only make us less human and more vulnerable to

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