Impact Of Human Being Becoming Slaves Of Modern Technology

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Human Being are Becoming Slaves of Modern Technology

Have you seen how people today function? If you have you would see that we do not function well, especially without technology. Technology has been taking over enough to where we can not be but one second away from it. We have become too reliant on it, if it were to be taken from us we would not last long. Even though people think technology is helping us in many areas, if you take a closer look you would see that it really is not. Technology is taking over but sometimes it does help us. Education, health issues, and many more (Honey). What people do not know is when to hold back on using it, or cutting down. Although technology has been helping us, it has been pulling us away from the real world, which is why we should all use a little less before it takes over altogether.

Technology has been helping us for years while we slowly learn more about it but it has been starting to become too involved. We can not live without it and I do not think that we know that. It has boomed not too long ago and and it is slowly becoming an issue now. Becoming too involved with
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Children are getting relieved of their childhoods and being moved into the generation of screens. They are no longer forced outside to have fun, they now play on “ video games, cellphones, Wii games, iPods and TV’s” where little physical activity is needed (Mesmerized by Screens). The funny thing is, that the parents of these children fail to realize that this is happening. Their children are being deprived of fun and their childhoods would now consist of “an agglomeration of screens, rather than being given over to free play” (Mesmerized by Screens). Children should have the freedom to play outside and not have to worry about a television show or a game on their Ipad, that is why we should limit the amount of internet access and free them from being trapped behind a

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