The Influence Of Technology's Negative Effects On People

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Technology is changing the behavior of many people and how it might affect the future later on, it can be an enormous issue in our society. Technologies have helped humans to adapt to an easier way of life. However in the long term, it might not be as beneficial as people think. The more popularity technology gains, the more it seems to have control over human lives. Many technologies have led to chronic devastations in the environment this includes how people get over-reliance to cell phone. Experts argue that cell phones negatively affect many people 's lives. The experts are concerned because of increasing of the cell phone usage, a growing number of people are becoming dependant to cell phones and are losing human interaction. Cell phones cannot be ignored; they can lead to serious …show more content…
Cell phone dependence is new and is far more addictive than gambling or drug addiction. In reality, people have badly become too dependent on their cell phones. People cannot spend a day without their cell phones without showing negative physical evidence such as a rapid heartbeat, tense shoulders, and shortness of breath. They can easily spend more time on the cell phone based activities than planned activities. Larry D. Rosen explains, “That can result in the addict losing sleep, being late to work or school, and skipping face-to-face social activities” (Rosen). This passage of the article explains when people become over-reliance to devices such as cell phones it can have many negative side effects on them. Also, certain people are more likely experience a cell phone dependence, such as people who suffer from anxiety and depression. In fact, when a person having a cell phone over-reliance that means they are not managing their time wisely and that can show that the person has a sign of the cell phone

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