The Consequences Of A Controversial Film Of Blackfish

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Blackfish had been, and continues to be, a controversial film. The film aired on July 19th, 2013 and was produced by Judy Bart, Rick Brookwell, Gabriela Cowpertwaite, Erica Kahn, Manny Oteyza, Tim Zimmermann. Gabriela Cowperthwaite is also the director of the film. In the documentary film former SeaWorld trainers and Sealand trainers and employees, witnesses of killer whale attacks, OSHA employees, whale experts, SeaWorld’s killer whales, and employees at SeaWorld are casted in the film. With an “all-star” cast like this the points the film makes are more clear and realistic. Watching the documentary film is interesting but what is it trying to tell its viewers? The film focuses on the consequences that come with having killer whales in captivity. Throughout the film there are witness accounts of the killer whale attacks and the opinions …show more content…
With the opinions provided by these people it made the films point very clear but why not use other opinions from different people? Besides just having different people saying the same thing throughout the film it would have been nice to see other people’s views on the killer whale incidents. Like the film stresses that the whales attacked due to aggression but there could be a number of other reasons. One reason that people argue is that the whales where playing as they would with other whales. Since the whales in the tanks live together but do not know each other like they do their pods they might see the trainer as the next best thing to play with. I am not saying aggression is not the answer but you cannot say it is without further research and the opinions of different people. Killer whale behavior is complex due to the fact they are very complex animals. In-depth research on killer whales has only been around for about 50 years. In those years’ people have learned a lot but they do not know

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