Sherryl Kleinman's Article Why Sexist Language

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The University of North Carolina has had the pleasure of knowing professor Sherryl Kleinman for eleven years. Sherryl Kleinman teaches Sociology at the University, but her main focus is actually sexism towards women. This can mean anything from discrimination in the workforce to violence towards women. Many people, both male and female, tend to not grasp or attempt to understand the real true meaning about sexist language. She explains in more detail what sexist language really is and how it affects peoples lives in her article “Why Sexist Language Matters”. When hearing about sexist language some words may come to mind like hoe ect…, but those aren 't what she is talking about. The words she is talking about are more common, words such …show more content…
People say women are apart of everything but if they truly were then we would have more words to make women feel like they actually were apart of things. Nowadays women go around calling themselves girls instead of women. One reason for this could be that they want to feel young and when they hear woman it makes them feel old.
A guy in one of Kleinman’s class was in a frat that decided to open their doors to girls. There was a big question floating around whether or not to call the girls who joined brothers or sisters or get rid of the labels all together. The girls in the frat voted on being called brother or sisters and most of them voted on being called brother. The reasoning is the girls wanting the name that would mean more. Kleinman knew a lady who 's daughter was in school and after hearing the phrase “what do you guys think?”(301). the girl started crying because she though the teacher did not care what the girls thought. Maybe the reason we have language like this is to make women think guys are superior and its easier for them to do what they want Kleinman claims. If women cannot be apart of our language how will they ever become level with men in the professional world like the wage

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