Discrimination Against Women In The Workplace

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Discrimination Against Women in the Workplace

From a young age, society teaches children how to see things differently than they really are. Prejudice and discrimination are carried through lineage, and over time are passed through generations of people who hold the same ideals because of their false influences. Since the beginning of the 19th century, society has taught women that they are of lesser value in comparison to men. In the workplace, women are discriminated against because of their gender, and are lead to believe that they do not deserve what is rightfully a man’s career. The hours and wages women receive do not match what their male co-workers gain, despite them having the same job. Men continue to be hired more than women in
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If a male and a female are both given an opportunity for a promotion, the male employee is more likely to be given the position even if the female is more capable. Women make up almost half of the Canadian labour force, however, they are still provided with limited opportunity to grow in the work force. With this said, 59% of these women are working jobs where they make less than eight dollars an hour. Women also have to work longer to have access to promotions. For example, in the teaching industry, women have to work 3 years longer than men to find themselves a position in administration. 4 in 10 businesses worldwide do not even have women in senior management, which demonstrates that this gender discrimination happens in every continent. Employers are weary of hiring women because they question women’s commitment to their profession, thinking they will miss work due to family or pregnancy. Some male executives assume that because women are stereotypically gentle and compassionate, they would not be able to make tough decisions. However, this stereotype has been put to rest, because many females in leading positions tend to be harsh in order to prove to their male counterparts that they can get the job done. Being hired as a woman of colour is seemingly more difficult than that of a caucasian woman. In 2010, a study showed that the success rate for …show more content…
Women have been victims of prejudice in the workplace, and have been regarded as less valuable than men. In the past, women had worked in the household to take care of their families. Eventually, women slowly began to join the workforce however were never taken seriously by their male employers. The wage gap also demonstrates the discrimination against women, and demands that they work overtime just to compete with their male counterparts. Lastly, women have trouble being hired as much as men, and when they are hired, they have difficulty obtaining promotions. Discrimination affects millions of people all over the world because of how they were brought into this world. Whether it be skin colour, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, people are bigoted every single day for things they cannot simply change overnight. Maybe one day society will realize its mistakes, and create a world free of discrimination where people are equal and live together in

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