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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Soccer Player

    trained in Moody’s headquarters in New York. Wow! The first day I realized things were different and people made me feel the distance, the cold world is real! I was not competent there… I went there to get trained, but I was treated as a competitor… and there was no mercy. I lost my confidence. By the end of the first week, my dream of working in NYC became a nightmare and I just wanted to come back. Nothing made sense and I was starting to realize this was not my career. One day I joined a random group playing soccer in Battery Park. Apparently I played well because I caused a positive reaction and I got a formal invitation to play at Chelsea Piers League. I was accepted by this people who saw no competition on me, but an ally to help their team to succeed. A couple of weeks later I was playing almost every night with different teams in Chelsea Piers and my self-confidence came back: I was competitive again! My team happened tom play against a couple of “bullies” from work and I gained their respect as a soccer player. I brought that confidence to work and, with the help of those “ex bullies”, sooner than later I could overcome the ugly beginning at Moody’s and felt as one more of the team. The talent I was gifted to play soccer was not abandoned when I was fifteen, it was only left on the side to teach me a lesson in the future by helping me feeling competitive again in the worst professional moment in my life. My twins just turned one year old last August… parenthood has…

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  • Hillary Clinton Problems

    semi-automatic weapons, and have stronger background checks on gun buyers. Hillary Clinton has experience of holding a gun. In April 2008, Hillary Clinton said, “My dad taught me how to shoot when I was a little girl” (Time). Through her experience of shooting a gun at a young age, she knows how lethal it is. America needs a president with experience, recognizes the danger of guns, and how many deaths rate can be lower from banning guns. Aside from America’s unsolved problems, Hillary Clinton…

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  • The Influence Of Social Media On The Premier League

    (premier league), and consumer (football fans), is mandated for fixing an already stagnated relationship. One can pinpoint a timeline that directly coincides with the mood our esteemed experts (Messrs Brown et al) note when discussing community in football. The direct result of a stagnated relationship appeared during the early years of the new millennium. The first division of the football league was almost nearing a decade since it rebranded itself as the more familiar premier league.…

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  • The Millennials Rhetorical Analysis

    ENG 103 First Draft Instructor Michael Dusek The Millennials: A Response Essay Much has been written about millennials in recent times by different people with different views. But of all the comments about the millennials, those of experts Joel Stein, Jean Twenge and Chelsea Clinton stand out. While Jean Twenge labeled millennials as lazy, selfish, self-absorbed, selfish, entitled, narcissistic, fame-obsessed, and mobile maniacs, Joel…

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  • Situation And Offender Behavior: Case Study

    Presenting Situation and Offender Behaviors: Bradley (Bradley) was walking his dog in the park when he encountered another person walking their dog without a leash. Bradley verbally informed them their dog is required to be on a leash. At this point the person ignored him. There were some words were exchanged between Bradley and the other man prior to Bradley walking away, as Bradley was leaving the park he turned around asking the other person if this was their car. The other person replied…

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  • The Comparison Of Job And The Decameron By Giovanni Boccaccio

    In the Holy Bible, there is verse that reads “Love the Lord your God and keep his requirements, his decrees, his laws, and his commands always” (The Holy Bible, Deu. 11.1). The meaning of this is that if God’s children obey him and remain steadfast in their faith, God will bless them in ways that they could never have imagined. In the Book of Job, this promise is exemplified when Job, who is perfect in all ways, is cursed twice by Satan (with God’s permission), only to later be rewarded for his…

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  • Mythic Story Tellers In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

    In the modern period, with the growing influence on rationale views of the world the term myth has come to represent stories that are false more and more as years pass. Myth storytellers both past and present, on the other hand have assumed reality is to complex to grasp, so they have begun to rely on stories to provide at least a glimpse on complexity. Folklore, Courtly, and bourgeois are all closely related in the mythic world. All three originate in ancient myths. Each one of them have…

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  • Antecedent Behavior Case Study Answers

    Antecedent Behavior Consequence (ABC) data was collected based upon staff observation and student report. ABC data takes a look at the Antecedent - what is occurring within the environment prior to a behavior of concern occurring including people, activities, interactions, demands, denial of access to tangibles, noises, and changes to the schedule. The Behavior – what observable action of concern did the student engage in? Lastly Consequence – how the environment changed, or the behaviors of…

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  • Joseph Mallord William Turner Analysis

    One of my most famous artists is Joseph Mallord William Turner (J. M. W. Turner) He was an English Romanticist landscape painter, watercolorist. He was born in 23 April 1775 in Covent Garden in London, England and was died on 19 December 1851 (aged 76) in Cheye walk, Chelsea, England. His education from the Royal Academy of art. His paintings of William Turner, Romanticism landscapes, mostly a spectacular show in England, especially the sea. His oil paintings, Turner are also one of the greatest…

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  • London Bridge Research Paper

    bookings outdo the number of hotels in hotels like Park Grand London Lancaster Gate and Park Grand London Hotels, people flock the River Thames to witness the spectacular fireworks display at the London Eye at New Year’s Eve, this is an impressive sight to see while at the River Thames. Take a tour along Thames One can find many ways to explore the beauty of River Thames either take a walk alongside the river and have a blessed feeling or get on board the cruise liners to feel the breeze while…

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