Chelsea Clinton's Four Challenges: A Response To The Millennials

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Ogbera, Gabriel
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Instructor Michael Dusek The Millennials: A Response Essay Much has been written about millennials in recent times by different people with different views. But of all the comments about the millennials, those of experts Joel Stein, Jean Twenge and Chelsea Clinton stand out. While Jean Twenge labeled millennials as lazy, selfish, self-absorbed, selfish, entitled, narcissistic, fame-obsessed, and mobile maniacs, Joel Stein tagged them as tolerant, confident, open minded and ambitious but also can be disengaged, narcissistic and anxious. (33-34) On the other hand, Chelsea Clinton appears to have a more positive view of the millennial (Clinton). From
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In her comments, she emphasized the importance of millennials, their caring attitude and passion to make the world a better place (Clinton). She also faulted the wrong impression being made by some commentators about the millennials with respect to money, social media obsession, impatience and mobile maniac (Clinton). She stressed that the millennials’ focus on money is in the sense of getting back to real growth in the developed world, and ensuring that prosperity is more widely shared in the developed and developing world, and for United States (Clinton). Indeed, Clinton noted that the millennials are misunderstood and not given enough credits for their skills, competencies and capabilities (Clinton). She further observed that “some of the critiques against them do contain insight, but they are actually remixing their generation’s vices into virtues which informed their ambitions, their work and determination to make the world a better place” (Clinton). As a millennial myself, Clinton’s observations about the millennial are true. They are accurate reflections of the millennials. Millennials are productive, focused, vibrant and gifted, and remain a very important group in the world because of their significant contributions to humanity. Therefore, all negative comments about the millennials by the older generation should be seen as misleading of what the millennials truly are and what they represent in the modern

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