Situation And Offender Behavior: Case Study

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Presenting Situation and Offender Behaviors: Bradley (Bradley) was walking his dog in the park when he encountered another person walking their dog without a leash. Bradley verbally informed them their dog is required to be on a leash. At this point the person ignored him. There were some words were exchanged between Bradley and the other man prior to Bradley walking away, as Bradley was leaving the park he turned around asking the other person if this was their car. The other person replied yes, so Bradley took his key out of his pocket and scratched down the side of their car. Once Bradley had walked a few blocks, to about main street the person pulled up in their car and was yelling at him. Bradley stated, he thought the person wanted to fight so grabbed his …show more content…
The SASSI results N/A. The PAS results N/A.

Treatment History: Bradley reported no prior mental health treatment.

Client Strengths: Bradley presented with willingness to comply with all treatment and legal requirements. He reported wanting to gain insight into his anger so he can better control himself and walk away from similar situations in the future. Appears to be hard working and responsible.
Domestic Violence Risks and Needs Assessment (DVRNA): N/A

Other concerns regarding this Case: Bradley appeared remorseful over situation and is willing to address his role within this conflict. Continue to address accountability and demonstrate improved communication and conflict resolution skills. Recommend Level A and monitor progress. Collaborate with probation. To add more to his program may be more detrimental than productive, however, if there are indications of poor or impulsive decisions more treatment will be

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