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  • Growing Up-Personal Narrative

    was going into sixth grade. Since then we would hang out every day in my front yard. Ashley introduced me to cheerleading, when she mentioned cheerleading I had never heard of it before, and I did not know what she was talking about. She showed me everything she knew and we would practice every time we hung out. I can remember her teaching me dances, cheers, chants, jumps, and how to tumble. Ashley had been cheering since she was seven years old. She cheered on Terrytown’s recreational team until she got to Belle Chasse Middle School, which we were just starting. She told me a lot about how cheerleading works and it really interested me. When my eighth-grade year came she was going to seven, so I was a year older than her. She convinced me to try out for the middle school cheer team, so I did. To my surprise I made the team, I thought since this was my first time ever cheering I would not make the team. Cheering at the middle school was not so hard because all we had to do was perform at pep rallies, cheer at basketball games, and football games. I had a lot of fun cheering and I got to make a few new friends. Being that is was my eight grade year I would be leaving middle school next year to go to high school. Making the Belle Chasse High School team was always a dream of Ashley’s. She always talked about how good they were because they would compete and had won many titles, and how hard it was to make the team because you had to be a strong, skillful cheerleader. Such as,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Way To College

    Cheering my way to College It was a gorgeous day out at the beginning of August, I was eight years old when I limped my way into my first day of cheer practice. But first, let me go back to what happened earlier that day. I was with all my friends playing on a swing set in my friend 's backyard, when I realized I didn 't know where my phone was. I panicked when I was on the swing, picked my tennis shoes up off the ground, and sprinted inside to get my phone. As I ran, I stepped on a huge nail…

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  • Cheerleading Is Not A Sport Essay

    Many people believe cheerleading is not a sport, but I happen to disagree. Acording to Wikipedia, the definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Now I will admit that school cheering, when just cheering for another sport, is not a sport. Although competitive cheerleading is a sport, many people believe that it is not. (The Women's Sport Foundation has narrowed the field to the…

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  • Personal Narrative: All-Star Cheerleading

    control the fear of failure. The all-star cheerleading industry is very competitive; one small mistake in a routine can make an incredible impact on the outcome of the competition. A few years ago we were competing at a national competition, where several hundred spectators watched as our team took the floor to perform a routine that we had practiced, perfected, and performed many times that year. I was “basing” a “flyer” in a stunt that was positioned in the very center of the routine,…

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  • Cheering Persuasive Speech

    chanting in unison, “I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win!” You can feel the energy all around. Pumping through the stands, screaming through the people around you, even pulsing through the air above your head. Every student there is cheering until their lungs can’t take it any more, and not a single person cares if they won’t be able to even speak a word tomorrow. Now, imagine yourself at the same game, but with a different setting. One small group of students towards the…

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  • What Does Cheerleading Mean To Me Essay

    out better on the other side. Summer of sophomore year, I started experiencing sharp pains in both of my knees. Being a base, there’s a lot of stress going into my legs, specifically my knees. After a summer of heavy icing, lots of ibuprofen and no improvement, I decided it was time to go to the doctor. After some tests, we found out I had strained ligaments and tendons in both my knees. Although this slowed me down, I didn’t let it stop me. I took a week off to rest and got back at it: knee…

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  • High School Cheerleading Essay

    spirit. Cheerleading, in high school or in college, is a lot of hard work and dedication. There is an immeasurable amount of time spent practicing and performing. Although high school cheerleaders and college cheerleaders have the same role in school, they differ in the relationships, the freedom, and the work ethic. Being a part of a cheerleading team requires unity. When someone is asked their opinion on cheerleaders, they usually say the word ‘drama’. My high school cheerleading team had…

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  • Essay On Cheerleading Is Not A Sport

    Cheerleading gets argued about being a sport every day, and if you think standing on the sidelines of a real sports team game, yelling you`re very wrong. The whole stadium is yelling and cheering, a bunch of girl voices don 't make that much of a difference. Cheerleading is very much not a sport, especially high school cheerleading. A sport is an activity that involves physical exertion and skill. What doesn’t define as a sport is cheerleading. Being a cheerleader doesn`t mean you`re not an…

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  • Competitive Cheer Leading Essay

    From pom-poms to back handsprings cheer leading has evolved, yet kept the same foundation as before. Cheerleaders still wear short skirts and pump up the crowd during a winning home basketball game but what most people do not know is cheerleaders have found their own way to show off their athletic abilities. However, they are not showing them on the sideline of a football or basketball game. These girls will be flipping, jumping, and stunting on the blue mats in front of seven judges and a crowd…

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  • Compare And Contrast All Star Cheerleading

    Although this is a common misconception construed through media representation like "Glee" or "90210", All-star cheer teams receive little to no recognition and are immediately grouped with high school cheer even though both sports are lacking even the most basic of similarities. High school cheer teams are best known to be their schools "pep squad" they work together as a team to preform peppy chants at games and encourage school spirit. All-star cheer teams do not cheer. Although they identify…

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