Argumentative Essay: Is Cheer A Sport?

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Paige Bloskas
WRIT 101-Section 112
Dr. Kerstin Rudolph

Is Cheer a Sport?

Many people today debate wether cheer is a sport or not. Some people stereotype a cheerleader as merely being a woman standing on the sidelines of games looking perfect, shaking their pom poms, holding signs and yelling chants for football players. However, there is more to cheer than just that. Even if girls standing on sidelines cheering at football games is not a sport, there is also a competitive side of cheer. This kind of cheer can be very dangerous because of the physical strength it requires. It can cause many different types of injuries, even some of the same injuries caused by playing football. Some activities cheerleaders do can even be more dangerous than the things football players do. They have to be able to pick up each other and hit very difficult stunts. They also do very complicated tumbling in their routines that is dangerous. So if cheer is as competitive and dangerous as football, why can’t it be considered a sport as well? I don’t think people look at the competitive side of cheerleading. It is not just standing on the sidelines at games.
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“People say cheer isn’t a sport because there is no balls or goals” (Underhill). There are other sports who do not have those objects and are still considered a sport. Before people take the time to learn what cheer even is, they judge it from what they have seen. They think it is just a hobby where girls flip their skirts, shake their pom poms and yell in microphones. It’s not just their job to entertain the crowds in football games. They work as hard if not harder than any other athlete to win a competition which is their sport. There is rules and a winner at the end of the day like any other sport. This makes cheerleaders the same as any other athlete. “Cheerleading is a very difficult sport and is very competitive today and continues to get more competitive as years go on” (Valliant

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