Essay On Cheerleading Is Not A Sport

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Cheerleading gets argued about being a sport every day, and if you think standing on the sidelines of a real sports team game, yelling you`re very wrong. The whole stadium is yelling and cheering, a bunch of girl voices don 't make that much of a difference. Cheerleading is very much not a sport, especially high school cheerleading. A sport is an activity that involves physical exertion and skill. What doesn’t define as a sport is cheerleading. Being a cheerleader doesn`t mean you`re not an athlete because you do have to be athlete, but you can be an athlete and not play a sport.

In 1972, the Title IX of the education amendment ruled that cheerleading was not a sport. Until the law changes cheerleading can`t be considered a sport. The OCR tells the schools,
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Cheerleading doesn’t go to the Olympics. You never see cheerleading running around competing in the Olympics because there are so many more actual sports working hard. You don’t go to the Olympics for standing on the sidelines yelling. Cheerleading should never be called a sport, they do nothing special. Cheerleading don’t really have competition because they all do the same thing. Cheers the same, same flips. They could just be one big group that doesn’t do anything. But yell and throw their legs in the air.

Cheerleaders don’t even support most sport teams they support football and sometimes boys basketball. They don’t support girls anything, they`re a spirt group for a reason, and they`re not even good at doing that. How would you expect them to handle being called a sport when they`re a let down already. They don`t commit to their job right now not being called a sport. What would they do as a " sport ", they`re already suppose to be competing but most groups don’t even do that. So they need to just stick to cheering on the real

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